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With these diets you can lose five pounds in three days

С помощью этих диет можно сбросить пять килограмм за три дняNutritionists have called several options short-term diet. To withstand at least one of them, you can lose 5 pounds in just a few days.

Almost all the people, both men and women, confident in the fact that if you want you can always to lose a couple pounds. But when it comes to weight loss, it turns out that things are not so simple, and weight that there is on the place, or shows negligible results in the smaller side.

Nutritionists have repeatedly stated that sitting on the Express diets are harmful to health, although, in fact, such methods nutrition for weight loss quite effective. As it terribly sounds, but the productivity of the Express diet is a huge flaw — dropped weight back in an equally short time as reset.

Still, if you urgently need to lose about 3-5 kilograms or more, experts suggest to consider the following options Express diets:

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Diet for a strong spirit

Breakfast: water with honey and lemon, tea without sugar.

Lunch: Turkey and vegetables in boiled form, a portion should be no more than 300 grams, the bulk of the weight falls on the vegetables.

Dinner: Cup of broth from the cabbage with black pepper and lemon juice, salt.

Cheese mono-diet for quick weight loss

Breakfast: chicken egg soft-boiled.

Lunch and dinner, and 2 snack: 150g low fat cottage cheese, unsweetened tea or coffee.

Egg-grapefruit diet

Throughout the day you will eat 5 egg whites (after eggs are cooked, separate the yolks from the whites and eat the whites only) and 3-5 small grapefruit. You need to eat every hour and a half, a day to drink at least 10 glasses of mineral water without gas. One meal — protein, the second is the grapefruit, so you’ll alternate products the whole day. If you sustain this diet for 3 days, the result will shock you, a minimum of 5 kg will evaporate.

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Liquid diet

The day allowed to drink no more than one and a half liters of juice, tea, coffee, infusions and so forth, but with these drinks, be sure to drink plain water, its amount is also limited to 2 liters. It is advisable to choose from drinks those that effectively remove excess fluid from the body and salt and purify your blood vessels from toxic substances. It can be green and ginger tea, rosehip tea or chamomile.

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