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With the installers from the NPP who protested in Ostrovets, still not paid

С монтажниками с БелАЭС, которые митинговали в Островце, до сих пор не рассчитались

Worked on the construction of the Belarusian NPP installers from Russia, which a month ago, rallied on the main square in the city due to unpaid wages, money in July and not given. They first promised to give money in mid-August, then the beginning of September. The contract installers were supposed to get July salary until September 15, but workers received only 20% of the prescribed amounts. Many workers have already left on the watch on other objects to at least earn something and to cover the losses they incurred in Belarus.С монтажниками с БелАЭС, которые митинговали в Островце, до сих пор не рассчиталисьС монтажниками с БелАЭС, которые митинговали в Островце, до сих пор не рассчиталисьPhoto: Olga Shukailo, TUT.BY

We will remind, on August 15, about 50 workers from Russia, which is engaged in Assembly work on the construction of the NPP, went to the main square in Ostrovets. Suspecting that they may “throw”, people are demanded to pay their salaries for two months, because at that time, the ticket home was already bought, and the money earned was not.

Sergey Gusev, chief engineer of JSC “sesame” — the company, which was invited to work in the Belarus company “Stroyinvestproekt,” promised its employees that they are to the evening of 19 August (or at least the next day) will receive the money in June. Workers were also promised an advance in July.

In June the workers were calculated. But the advance in July was not followed. Sergey Gusev explained that “sesame” under the contract to transfer the money in July to “Stroyinvestproekt” on September 15. “Not all of our desires depends. Found the money to all the staff to pay for travel and to buy tickets, staff members have already paid for July. I think next week everything will close,” explained Sergey Gusev.

But today is 16 of September and the workers received in average 20% from the July salaries.

— I have a few employees who worked at the NPP, now in Novokuznetsk, went to work at the new facility, because we need the money. Because of its work in Belarus, we have not paid the salaries for July nor in the terms in which he promised the chief engineer of “Sesame”, or in terms which are spelled out in the contract, say the installers. — We transferred an advance of 20%. Of the 76 thousand Russian, which I had, I only got 14 cents. A friend who works with me now in Novokuznetsk, even 20% is not received. Of the 72 thousand he was given only 5 with the tail. “Sesame” kind of transferred some of the money. On Friday last week, still some money, there are 12 million Russian rubles. But the management of “Stroyinvestproekt” said

wages we will not see until “sesame” will not pay the full amount. And the money that was transferred, and went on the salaries of managers and others, and not a simple hard worker. We just threw.

The full payment for July received one from Alexander, who appealed to the media when he realized that the salary can not give.

— Yes, I’m the one who has received full payment for July. But for August yet, the source says. We at 8-10 days and in August worked.

If you adhere to the system of calculation for the previous month, “sesame” needs to transfer the payment for August to October 15.

Promptly contact the management company “Stroyinvestproekt” we were not able to find out whether or not a workers settlement.

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