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With teachers on a fishing trip

Nice, you know, to fish with those, thanks to whom he once made a qualitative step and began to fish without any animal or plant tips. What can I say, the dream came true idiot (my) – we’re going on five days, all three of bismuthinite. Go, where to drive is problematic. I pick the third, purchase products in the supermarket and after half an hour besmettelijke admire the Volga-Akhtuba flood plain covered with a white blanket.

Due to the lack of pontoon bridges decided to go by car across the entire floodplain, but the ground. There’s a place where I performed well in early autumn on microjy. Hard to resist the temptation to put a few Gerlich on Erica, where the ice pecked very good pike… and went, sighing and looking at the familiar and unfamiliar landscapes.

There is probably no need to describe in detail our adventures and absolute relaxation for all the parameters. But the fishing had two exciting moments.

Pecking only on roach

We came to this lake twice. Once only a half day for exploration, and the second time purposefully for the whole day. The investigation showed that roach in the lake to catch not so simply, despite the fact that the small lake there are two holes for 9 metres. We were looking for bezmetallny big perch and big Belle, be it roach or bream. But apart from the perch of medium size, found nothing. I must say that day was quite “naughty”. The first half of the day and in the Volga Zaton pecked badly.

The next time our main schukar prudently caught live bait and started to put imitation fish. At first I told where on the first ice bite of pike, and then he continued their arrangement as “skrysak” as narofominsky anglers call the “shots” of Gerlich. But the imitation fish “light up” very quickly. Already the first zherlitsa did not like to charge the rest. No sooner had Alex to move away from the first – she was bummed. Hooking failed. He corrected her, began to put the second imitation fish – first shot again. Roach already dented badly. It is the third time her charges, she manages to put two more imitation fish finally catches on the first imitation fish, a good pickerel. The process has begun.

Put on roach and perch. Very soon it became clear that all bites occur on the edge of the pit and along the coast. Bite solely on roaches. Bass are in ignore or an empty unwinding. And roach on lured holes is not caught. Bruised, bitten, half-dead of Plitvice weight in gold. They bite constantly. So my friends together, and ran between their Gerlich. The constant shots of the unwinding, a slow picking of the slack, hooking, gatherings, cutting snap, obscene interjections – complete set. I am fishing on imitation fish never seen in my life. In the end, they both caught 11 jacks from 0.5 to 2 kg and at the evening Leh got the perch a little more poltorashki.

That perch in Erice is, I knew. He was caught minigig. But this memorial day I basmatic caught three (!) of perch. For me it was a great revelation. I didn’t think that it here so much. Apparently, we were on the lake at the right time. Predator pecked perfectly. About perch and say nothing. In search of roach (Gerlich) I caught a perch a large package. Flew nice pickerel on a jig, which made me pretty nervous, but then began surprises.

In the next hole pecked perch. A pleasant surprise! However, perceived this as an accident. Moving further in the direction of the grassy reach to find a roach. This tied the devil, the hooks of which are on her teeth and can get stuck in Zander’s mouth. In the next hole caught 6-7 pieces of small perch. I wanted to leave, then BAM! The bite as a small perch, but someone stupidly left hanging. Another perch! On the rocks, in the grass? Interspersed with small fish? How is this possible? In search of roach I researched the Bank, came on the second hole after the turn, caught a perch. It turns out that I’m on the lake I caught more perch than in the backwater on the Volga? Cool!

Heavy hell and hard Berchem

The second topic that we have devoted the lion’s share of our fishing is fishing bersha for heavy as hell. This theme was born recently, just a couple of years ago. It was interesting to gather more statistics, because now I’m not one to wander zatonu with the devil, and three! At last year’s catchability points on the bass instead of the depths of 4-5 meters – all 8-9! Shift to Berkovich last year’s hole – again a surprise! For missing! For me it was a complete surprise. We had to find bersha again.

After the first day it became apparent that the bites no longer on the old catchability places, and where there is at least some current. We are good for three days was engaged in searching and catching bersha. Put two sets of knives each. However, our catches did not exceed 10 Berchem to never. Average catches for each of us was from 3 to 7. However, we gained useful experience. For example, narofominsky besmettelijke noticed that the presence of white beads on the Jack increases the number of bites. I myself most of Berchem caught in the last day, but the experiment was not pure. Together with the fact that I hung on the hook glow in the dark piece of silicone, I still was lucky enough to stumble across a place with a large concentration of Bursch. The bite occurred in each new hole.

Still strange the fact that I have Berchem pecked exclusively for the first transactions, to achieve “steady” bottom when the devil no longer communicate over. Alexei and Sergei, the Berchem bite after a long vymachivanija 30-40 transaction. Together with persicae was polewali and perch. Actually, I should say that the high perch in that Creek and I have not seen, neither winter nor summer nor autumn. Of Berchem, too large can not be named. I call these “almost edible”. Overall, I have had great experience and lots of useful information, which will check on subsequent fishing trips.

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