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With sbirulino on the Crimean coast

Not long ago I discovered an effective method of sea fishing with snap-on base spinning float sbirulino. This sporty and challenging to learn the tackle is very efficient. Using various equipment from spirulina, it is possible to catch different fish from the sea in the Crimea.

It has long been well known to me many places on the Crimean coast, where autumn can be good fishing. Before I went there, taking with him other gear, but mastering sbirulino allowed to experience the new possibilities of fishing. Near the coast of the Crimea with spinning snap, based on spirulina can effectively fish different schooling fish. Most often you’ll see anglers specializing in fishing for Gar, horse mackerel and maridi. Pack this fish in the fall come to the beach, sometimes very closely in the pursuit of small forage fish. Summer fishing is also going, but the swarms near the shore there are small and in specific areas (e.g., coves). But from late September to January, much of the anchovy comes close to the shore, respectively, for her and the predator. At this time, good fishing happens in creeks and bays, in the waters of ports, breakwaters and close to Boone and near the open sand and rock and boulder shoals. As garfish, mackerel and smoreda feed on small fish, when you find locations you need to calculate the areas of accumulation of anchovy and consider the wind direction to make the right throw. Often flocks of anchovy feed on plankton in areas of calm, but it often happens that they are on windy space.

Usually anglers are practicing catch guns from the shore. Rarely, who makes casts from the boat, while fishing from small vessel is more operational. Often a guideline for selecting a point of the casting serve the whirling seagulls and the cormorants, preying on small fish. While flying the predators used their tactics of hunting, trapping anchovy along with relentlessly following her garðar advantageous to casting sites. Collectively prey on small fish and dolphins. A few times I was able to see how dolphins are herded flocks of small bluefish or mullet in the space between the breakwaters. In the fall, when the beaches were empty, this happened right in the center of any town or city.

By the way, some spetsializiruyutsya on catching this fish with the spinning rod and spirulina. Bluefish can feed in different water layers, including the surface, so use spirulina different weight, floating or sinking, depending on the order in which the water layer at this time are mainly of the pack. But for catching the bluefish need to put a strong leash, as his teeth cut the hook as a razor. Along with the herring fishing the billfish catches on the night and the morning fishing when it feeds on the surface of the water near the shore. Skorpena takes the snap from sinking sbirulino near the bottom in areas free of algae, but as skorpena — an ambush predator, often choose to ambush algae and rocky shelters, the cast need to do so that the snap took place on the border of algae and free them from the bottom. I also often caught in the autumn Scorpio on pebbly and rocky beaches.


To fish for Gar, horse mackerel or bluefish from the shore requires casting tooling at a distance of 20-60 m, and even further. Since the bite of this fish are not sharp, the snap-in needs to be quite sensitive. In this context, more than just for fishing suitable sbirulino weighing 10-20 g, but since fall and winter is often influence the casting and the demolition of the snap-winds, the most suitable for fishing will sbirulino weighing 15-25 g (floating or sinking). For casting such bombard a good fit or match rod the medium class, with a test of 10-40 g, in which you can change the weight of equipment depending on the fishing conditions. The rod length of 2.7–3.4 m, and the middle-fast action Stroy. Some local fishermen use for Bologna casting fishing rod fast action.

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I take the spool with the spool, and designed for light line, so as to catch the falls on a monofilament with a diameter of 0.1–0.12 mm., it is Important to balance the reel under the rod to the hand is not strained, as casts have to do a lot and at the stage of search of places out of the fish, and the detection period of the pack (e.g., Gar). The line gives you more to work with equipment and make long casts.

By the end of the main line I tie a shock leader length, two sizes of rod, with a diameter of 0.25–0.3 mm, since the power casts a thin monofilament can be stopped, although many fishermen well feeling the strength of his throw, catch, and without a shock leader. All have to be without the property “memory”, then she is less confused when casting. The shock leader to fishing line can be tied in different knots. One of compact and reliable is called “Carrot”. Sbirulino is placed on the leader, which through the triple swivel (they go one after the other) attach a leash from the hard fluorocarbon length of 1.0–1.5 m, diameter as the main line. Between spirulina and Berlusconi is a buffer bead. To adjust the level of bait in some cases clamping may lead pellet on a leash. In case you want to exchange one leash for another, after vertluzhnoj set the appropriate size carabiner. Hook is No. 8-11 (depending on the packing volume) with a long forearm.

Depending on the characteristics and depth of the transaction, sbirulino is either floating or slowly sinking. Posting is slow, but such that under the influence of its weight, slowly sinking sbirulino passed from the water surface at a distance of 1-3 m (the depth at which usually feeds most pelagic schooling fish). The selection speed of retrieve lure is determined by the level of finding fish, and in the future, this speed is maintained. You need to consider that with the frequently changing weather, swarms of Gar, maridi, horse mackerel, bluefish can be in the water then above, then below. For example, in fine calm weather, garfish are usually kept at the surface of the water, and then for catching him well suited floating sbirulino. For the fish you want to catch in the lower layers of water or at the bottom, used fast sinking sbirulino.

Whatever type sbirulino we may apply with weak bites need to play along, changing the tempo wiring. Sometimes some chasing head fish not a perfected transaction “goes the distance”. At the same time attractive movement of the bait (its wiring need to stop, then speed up) can provoke the fish to hold.

Upon detection of feeding on surface fish (Gar, horse mackerel, bluefish) casting to do for the pack, and then carry out sbirulino through it. After casting tooling should quickly pick up the slack of the line without waiting for the demolition of the lure. When casting it is important to consider a strong side wind. When autumn mass during different schooling fish can actively feed and 15-20 m from the shore. I noticed that the small garfish feeds closer, and large out farther from shore (often 60-100 m), therefore, it is desirable to achieve extremely long casts. Usually, with a properly chosen rod and snap the experienced angler it is easy to make a cast of 70-80 m.

At the same locations where feeds garfish, can be caught a mackerel and smoreda who also pursue the shoals of anchovy. When the billfish strikes to strike should immediately, giving him the opportunity to seize the bait, that it is not very convenient due to the specific structure of the beak mouth. The same applies to maridi and horse mackerel, the bite of which is often felt as mild tremors.

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Tackle with a spinning reel allows you to reach fish at a distance.


Caught some fish on small lures spinning in tandem with spirulina, but I prefer to use natural bait. This estuary or marine worm Nereis, or peeled shrimp — welcome tips for any marine fish. For catching Gar or feeding at the bottom of the scorpionfish you can use pieces of fish or chicken. Bluefish takes the pieces of meat or fish. The size of the bait needs to be small. If this is sliced fillet of fish, fit will be a piece of size 10×25 mm.


If long-range fishing with sbirulino great help polarized glasses that allow you to more clearly see signs of fish on the water and the location of the fishing line when posting, especially when the windshield surface throughout slip the snap-in. Glasses are used with filters designed for the appropriate conditions of fishing. In the polarization glasses is not so blinding ripples on the surface of the water in bright Sunny weather. The use of glasses or filters to them, designed for cloudy weather and also improves the quality of the fishing.

Cold water sometimes you have to wear waders. They help when fishing in the shallows, on the shore if there are no artificial structures that produced them and to move away from the shore. In this case, given the waves and the depths of shoals, the angler has the ability to add in-range casts. It is important to put on the waders, warm clothing and thick socks were easy to step over high obstacles like boulders.

If you were on slippery boulders beach, need to wear shoes with soles that prevent slipping of feet. If the sea is not stormy and there is no need to wander into the water, many anglers are caught in ordinary sneakers with soft soles.


For those who love or trying to master saltwater fishing, I recommend to go to Crimea in summer and in spring or autumn. First, for the fishing grounds, which are mentioned above, and secondly, on the economic. In the border by the summer seasonal housing to remove much easier, and the plane tickets are in two or even three times cheaper. By the way, this year in April I rented an apartment in Yalta near the waterfront in a one bedroom apartment in an old mansion just 800 rubles.

I’m not stuck in the Crimea at any one place. I like to stay in Koktebel, Sudak, Novy Svet, fishing, Gurzuf, Yalta, Livadia, Simeiz, where the fall is almost always memorable fishing sbirulino. Sometimes I build the route so that two weeks of rest to catch at different resorts — transport (taxis and buses) everything is fine. When you search for efficient to cast dots have to walk along the shore, although visited the village for help, where I went garfish, mackerel or other fish. Local, however, for the most part the habit of catch or breakwaters or quay, either in port or in a Bay. I prefer to find my fishing points, going far beyond the village, making casts from the rocks, from the banks with piles of boulders from the embankments of abandoned pensions. This popular fishing and the exploration of the sea-coast in the autumn, when the resorts of the few people who gives you the opportunity to fully experience unity with the Crimean nature, to feel the beauty of what gift to man.

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