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With Russian mercenaries Erdogan will deal with Syrian rebels

С русскими наемниками Эрдоган разберется с помощью сирийских боевиков

Libya to continue the war, or rather on the remains of Libya, the war continues. Various factions struggle for power. Even in the most desert areas there are certainly some armed group claiming to power almost throughout Libya. Their desire, of course, understandable, but the main participants in this civil war are the Libyan national army and a national consensus Government.

Territorial advantage entirely on the side of the first, but in terms of international support benefits significantly Tripoli, much of which is controlled by the Government of national consensus. For him there are a mountain of many Arab countries, European as well as Turkey. Moreover, Ankara supports both politically and financially, including in military terms.

Erdogan has long sent his people to fight for the Prime Minister of the provisional government of Faiz Saraga. But this was done under cover so as not to make too much confusion in an already confusing situation. Likely Turkish intervention was one of the reasons why the attack on Tripoli Khalifa the Haftarot, the steering of the Libyan national army, failed. But Marshall Haftar, apparently, was not discouraged, for, recently announced a new hike of their soldiers on the capital. Well, reason enough for him almost all of Libya, and serious military support from some African countries. But perhaps the key factor in his confidence — Russia. Yes, Moscow openly supports the Haftarot, in any case, it is taken from us, and he leads the conversation, not with the latest from the Russian leadership. However, governmental cooperation, the Kremlin is trying to conceal, but not very successfully. So, foreign media for a long time already write something about a certain Russian special forces operating in the East of the country, about mercenaries — those vagnerova. Apparently, some truth in this, just else to explain the rapidly developing success of the Haftarot will be difficult.

Recently about this said the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Spoke, of course, critical. In General, he is unhappy that Russian fighters from PMC Wagner fighting on the side of Haftarot, which he and many other States members of the United Nations consider to be almost a war criminal, at least, support Saraga, declared his opponent as such.

Moscow does not particularly react. But a retaliatory attack was still needed, and instructed him to organize the people of our Libyan ally. So major General of the Libyan national army, its spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari made a sensational statement. He commented on Erdogan’s words on the subject of the imminent introduction of Turkish troops in Libya. According to him, is not the only measure that is going to use Ankara in their desire to maintain Saraga. Mismari said that Erdogan ferried from Syria, which the Turks almost lost, thousands of al-Qaeda terrorists and the Islamic state. These actions, according to the General, not only threatening Libya, but “the Arab world”. This is done in order to capture the resources of the North African Republic.

What is it? Just a propaganda statement to discredit the Turkish presence in Libya or the very real situation? Turkish expert keram Yildirim believes that it is unlikely that in the words of the representative of the Libyan National army is the truth, but admits that terrorists from Syria and Iraq could somehow get into Libya, but of course without the participation of Ankara.

— It is absurd. This can be done only politician who is not worried about his reputation. Such statements are heard often, for example, in the United States. Now even Turkey. I can’t fully understand how this transport occurs. You can imagine that someone is funneling terrorists in the neighboring country. Yes, it’s possible, but even this can cause serious blow to the reputation. A big risk, because not to ignore it almost impossible. Journalists or military of other countries can easily detect suspicious cross-border movements. But when we talk about the borders of several States or to the necessity of using sea routes, then it all becomes like a Comedy.

“SP”: — However, at the time the Islamic state has managed to win in Libya, to entire neighborhoods. And it happened with the help of foreign members of the group, including the Syrians.

— This is a different situation. Yes, many have joined the Islamic state, coming to the war through other countries. For example, someone came to Syria through Turkey. But these people are not given. They came as individuals. No weapons, no dark past, with a clean passport, without any complaints from the authorities of countries of origin. The victims of propaganda or mentally unstable people — they can be considered by anyone, but at the time they were clean before the law. They cannot be arrested or deported. So they ended up in Syria or in Libya. There was no conspiracy theory or global project. There is now. Turkey is not involved in the transport of terrorists from any country to Libya.

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