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Witchy hocus-POCUS will get a TV-remake

In the summer of 2014 rumor has it that Disney is not averse to shoot the sequel to the comic fantasy “hocus pocus” (Hocus Pocus, 1993). Even potential titles for the film appeared – according to some sources it could be called “Hocus Pocus 2: Rise of the Elderwitch”, others say “Hocus Pocus 2 The Witch is Back”. However, from January 2015, no more news or rumours on this matter have been reported. And now – wait.

First, the situation was commented by Mick Garris, who was the screenwriter and one of the producers of the first film:

For the past ten years, there are rumors about the sequel of “hocus-pocus”. I’ve heard that scenario, but I’m not involved in the process, but I think that if the sequel will be, in the form of a television movie for the Disney Channel or ABC or Freeform. I think it will be done for television, and heard that the work is moving in this direction.

Chuikov Mika did not disappoint, except that it is turned out to be not a sequel, and the TV REMAKE.

Indeed, the Disney Channel is in early stages of creating a television remake. The original starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and other talented Actresses, but in the remake, of course, will be the new castes. The producer of the first film is David Kirschner will serve as Executive producer of the remake, and the script writes Scarlett Lacey (TV series “the royals”).

Since the plot of the remake is not yet known, we can only repeat the synopsis of the original painting:

According to legend, if an innocent girl in Halloween night will light a candle in the house of the Sanderson sisters, the witches will rise from their graves and eat all the children in the city, to become forever young.
As treacherous sister destined to be resurrected after 300 years after his execution for witchcraft, they will have to get used to modern mores. For example, why fly on a broomstick, if there is a vacuum cleaner? Doing all sorts of nasty magic, Sanderson sisters so fond of doing this that they forget its cunning enemy — a black cat…

And we will wait for news.

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