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Witches! Elena Fokina the horror film “Suspiria” (VIDEO IN RUSSIAN)

The company “Volga” has rolled out a fresh voiced an excerpt from the upcoming “Suspiria”. In this scene we can again look at our compatriot Elena Fokine. In addition, in our disposal there are some interesting comments from the dancers and Actresses.

The same scene in the original was lit in October, and then, in early November, there was a report on REN TV, which Fokine answered a few questions about the filming of the movie. Now the online Posta Magazine took her new interview where she spoke in detail about what it was like working with Director Luke Guadagnino:

I’m not much involved in the General crowd scenes. My character with the turbo development: very quickly comes to a climax. But the main scene for my character Olga — one of the most complex from the point of view of plastic art. Luke originally had the idea based on the plot of Dario Argento make a movie filled with movement. Luke uses the motion as an emotional expression of the character, but because from the beginning all the characters were prescribed according to the texture motion.

We are here talking about the scene in the mirror room, where the heroine Fokina is going something extremely creepy. Recall that in the trailer flashes the time out.

Well, now we can watch an excerpt in which Elena Fokina plays along with Angela Winkler and Tilda Swinton. Like many others, she has delighted from the fun last:

Besides the fact that Tilda is brilliant and special actress, she’s a charming person. It is pleasant to work and just be near. Such people are very few I’ve met in my life: being an absolute professional, she has not lost humanity. “Suspiria” we had one common scene, and Tilda is so supportive of me that wanted that day to last forever.

To rate the whole movie will be in two weeks, on November 29, when “Suspiria” will finally be released in Russian cinemas.

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