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Witchcraft in a big way! Watch the trailer of “7 witches”

Looks like last year’s “Witch” has set a new trend – historical imitation of the legends and real history – and… here’s a new swallow. Director Brady Hall made the film “7 witches”, which proudly States: “based on real events of the Salem witch-hunt”. And though the action takes place in our time, one glance at the trailer to understand how grow antlers with hooves. Apparently, these same seven witches are somehow connected with those witches. Or are they – they are the same. Or something else.

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Yet it’s direct, filmed by the independent company “Indian Pictures”, wild enthusiasm does not cause. Trailer though beautiful, but looks is secondary and not particularly interesting. However, towards the final, tightened scenes, so, you see, is what parrots without cloning the plot of “Witches”.

For Cody and Kate approaching wedding day, and they prepared for it properly, renting a little island and taking there family. Nobody guessed that a hundred years ago exactly to this day the island was cursed. Now they have to fight for their lives against the community of witches who have risen from the darkness and thirst for revenge.

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