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Wisniewski wants pokimitza before the election on the theme of Golunova

Вишневский хочет похайпиться перед выборами на теме Голунова

The case against the journalist of “Medusa” Ivan Golunova stopped a few days ago, but the St. Petersburg opposition leader Boris Vishnevsky continues to speculate on it. Activity unfamiliar with Holonovel “Apple” the Deputy can be explained only by the need for somewhere to earn political points before the gubernatorial election, in which he intends to participate.

Recalling successfully completed the case of journalist “Medusa,” Boris Vishnevsky published in social networks post. MP encourages the public in a similar way to achieve justify outright criminals. He assures readers that drug dealer Oub Titiev, the suspect of pedophilia, Yuri Dmitriev, radical Sentsov and the terrorist group “Network” is innocent and should be released.

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It is obvious that the name of Golunova Wisniewski uses solely for the sake of hype, because earlier he said that Ivan is not familiar. Wisniewski sharply attended by Holonovel and other “unfair” detained because he has no popularity in St. Petersburg. He tries to rectify the situation howls on popular topics in unison with the opposition, “the party”.

In addition, Vishnevsky no election program, nor any service to the citizens, and hence the chance of winning it also has. That “spinning” Vishnevsky as you can. It gives for your achievements run electric train Pskov – Saint Petersburg, accuses the city government of damaging the interior established for persons with disabilities lifts, which he himself had previously requested.

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Wisniewski is rather harmful for the city , as it protects pedophiles and promoting the theme of LGBT.

In General, raises the noise Wisniewski on any topic, including on the topic of Golunova, but muddy, PR-technologies are unlikely to help him.

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