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Wisniewski fulfills the order Western curators

Вишневский отрабатывает заказ западных кураторов

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky, who had previously been accused of harassment by a student, Herzen state pedagogical University. Herzen, was in the midst of another scandal. There is every reason to believe that the MP fulfills orders Western Russophobes.

So, the promoter of the LGBT community Wisniewski defended the head of St. Petersburg branch of “Memorial” Irina Flige. He did not agree that the woman was suspended from work in the group for the coordination of activities aimed at implementing the concept of the state policy on perpetuating of memory of victims of political repression.

The MP expressed the opinion that Flie had to continue working in the group, despite the annual rotation and change of staff in the organization.

Boris Vishnevsky stands up for the “Memorial” and tries to rehabilitate the organization in the eyes of Russians for the first time. Previously, he stood up for the head of the Karelian branch of Yuri Dmitriev. The computer Dmitriev found pornographic photos involving his minor stepdaughter.

Wisniewski insisted that the case against Yuri Dmitriev to do with his statements about political repression in the Soviet Union and the publication through the power of truth. No argument, the St. Petersburg Deputy, of course, not provided.

The MP also disagreed with the decision of the court sentenced to 9 years imprisonment of another employee of “Memorial” Sergey Koltyrin. The latter entered into intimacy with a girl under 16 years of age.

It should be noted that “memorial” is not a simple human rights organization. In 2016, it was recognized as a foreign agent. And in July of 2017, the journalists of Life News has learned that Western NGOs are funding through “the memorial” the opposition in Russia.

There is every reason to believe that Boris Vishnevsky fulfills the order Western curators. This politician has been convicted in connection with Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Probably now he decided to make money on whitewashing the reputation of “Memorial”.

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