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Winter spinning. The beginning of the path

Of course, the season of hard water brings great joy to everyone who loves to move on the ice, drill a hole and take out at the sparkling snow fresh fish. Fishing from the ice gives an unforgettable experience and pulls with great force. However, there is a winter spinning, to abandon which is not easy. Maybe don’t need? Why not diversify your hobby? I decided to try it.

Not being an experienced fisherman, regularly having the opportunity to get out on fishing, but, you might say, seeing in the fishing and everything connected with it, his salvation, she decided after some thought to try to leave the familiar spinning when on the ground it’s already snowing and the ponds were covered with armor, which left the first connoisseurs of pervolakia.

Prompted me to this undertaking Andrew, my friend, an avid spinning enthusiast. Moreover, it is suggested to start immediately with competition. I hesitated a long time, but in the end, persuaded a friend, agreed, although two days was given to famous prospect tournament, to attend the competition could not. Therefore aims to put in one day for experienced players to look at in order to gain experience, and to try to understand a requirement…

Previously went to practice. Place on the Moscow river, where for 20 years in spring and late autumn competitions in winter fishing spinning, organized by Oleg Gusev, seemed at first a little strange: the mountains of sand, excavator working, nasypali sand in the truck, stray dogs and next to a road bridge with a constant stream of cars… But after a while I looked around and realized that there are nooks. And yet… just hit the fire sea buckthorn berries along the road. Surprised and constantly sailing kayaking or Canoeing athletes; despite the winter weather, they continue to train. In General, solid exotic around.

10 hours to began to appear the spinning. And fidelity also taken a liking to local places, sitting with dawn. However, on a weekday fishermen, as I understand it, is a little bit, and explore feature to have and bait testing.

Many of those who had a chance to talk, lamented the fact that this year tighten flush. At first I didn’t understand what it was about, but later figured out. It turns out that with the end of navigation, open the dam and the water level in the river falls quite significantly – by 1.5-2 meters. It is believed that fish activity increases. Anyway, to get to places of Parking of fish the fisherman objectively becomes easier because you can walk along the bottom (where the water is gone) and get a lure in places where fish. Of course, many fishermen who come here regularly, you already know a perspective point (the fovea Yes drop offs).

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I frankly admit, on the day of the workout I didn’t catch anything except for a piece of tangled fishing line with a Twister at the end… But still looked around, that’s good.
On race day we arrived with Andrew in advance, you can go first. Gathered our sticks, each with a pair. I opted for dvukhfaznykh 2.7 and 3.3 meters. The last stick is pretty powerful, but I like her because she’s the only one I can cast the bait to the desired distance. The only disadvantage is not swinging her close to the bushes, then had the wand shorter.

As baits we used the twisters, and decided to start with posted snap, since it usually works everywhere.
After building and the announcement of democratic rules went upstream to the confluence of the Moscow river river Valenki. Andrew was counting on the fact that the place is promising, in addition, it would be convenient to sh in the river, going down and coming thus to the place of finish.

Dipped bait after nearly 5 miles of steady March, we stumbled upon a painfully familiar perch. And more! Not to say that they superactive enough bait, but, nevertheless, they were caught out. Andrew even managed to get a copy of the grams per 400 – the largest of its trophy that day.

However, on a jig head and Cheburashka weighing 18 to 26 g, equipped with otsenkami under two to three-inch rubber, the fish we have refused to take, in particular, totally rejected the weighty twisters acidic colors (green and lemon), although one of the participants is almost the same bait was pulled hairgrass under a kilogram.

In General, in my opinion, the bite was extremely weak. Tried big baits, had to revert to inch the branded twisters with flowers “engine oil” and “beer to the point”. It brought us another pair of small-caliber Ososkov. More about catch to tell, frankly, nothing. Except that I should add for completeness that failed to pass the hooks, but it’s like everywhere else…

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Unpleasant situation occurred with a friend. Closer to lunch, unsuccessfully placing spinning, he stumbled upon it, and, alas, the wand was broken. Stoically moving this loss, Andrew continued to catch the remaining spinning. Sure, not everyone could so calmly and with dignity to move like that. But that black strip is not over, already approaching the rendezvous point, a friend tripped on a curb and fell, breaking a second spinning. This is too much, agree. But here, I’m just jealous temper of the companion. Seeing the damage, I realized that he felt… Perhaps many of us have had to deal with loss of valuable wand, which brought trophies comfortably in the hand and generally warmed the soul. So to explain the situation too. However, Andrei outwardly calmly took the second loss, although I know that he was standing. Sometimes fishing gives you the opportunity to learn inner strength and the kindness of man…

Despite the poor catch, the catching of a predator, with snow-covered coast was fascinating to me. And although I was unable for family reasons to give the competition a day or two, came in Khotkovo fish two more times later, though, quite a while, hour or two or three.

Was caught, as before, a little. But lowered the river I have seen. The dam this year, opened later than usual. It was strange to wander along the seabed and to observe how in some places the water is boiling, as if a mountain rolling. Fishermen after the fall of the water level became more. But for all his trips, except day of the competition, I saw only one fisherman caught the fish. It was a nice perch of size, weight, offhand, of at least 1 kg. Caught by a predator were to “mandula”, if I’m not mistaken, red and white colors.
Caught, began to be trophies! Hence, it is necessary to catch. Also ahead of the winter holidays. I hope to get out, longing already for three weeks.


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