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Winners of all-Russian competition “New fiction”

Объявлены победители всероссийской премии «Новая фантастика»

On 23 July in Moscow took place the presentation of the all-Russian literary prize “New fiction” of the season 2019.

More than 100 guests, including leading writers, executives, publishers, artists, media and patrons met at the awards ceremony for aspiring authors of “New fiction” and the announcement of the winners of the eponymous competition. More people from all over Russia were waiting for the results of the award, because only participants in this year there were nearly 1000.

The place of delivery was symbolic: in the center of Moscow, between Moscow house of music and one of the most notable hotels in Moscow Red Hills, at the intersection of art and the world of business, located gallery Art-Space. It is in this situation today is Russian literature in General and fiction in particular: the intersection of art and book business.

By the way, was about the same and the audience: on the one hand there was an abundance of writers of different genres and levels of fame, there were few patrons and business representatives, and the company they were heads of publishing houses, actors, musicians, artists, charity leaders, and media representatives.

The event began with performances by dancers and artist that dance painted a portrait of Yuri Gagarin, particularly impressive stared at the background of the “space” banner on the stage. It was difficult to imagine a more appropriate beginning to the event!

Further, the founders of the award “New fiction” in the face of the club head “a Real writer” Kristina Shadrina and head of the literary club “Paper elephant” Yaroslav hoteev told the audience about the details of the selection held, the new achievements of the prize and the changes compared to the previous year.

And there was something to tell, because the competition not only broke its own record for the number of applications, collecting 984 work, but also went beyond the borders of Russia and CIS countries, received applications from Belgium, Serbia, Canada and the United States. Besides, any news about the finalists of previous years awards: some managed to get published in collections, someone got prizes in other contests, and the winner of the 2018 season Ian Lett signed a contract with a major publishing house for the publication of his first science fiction novel!

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Also told the audience that as a model of the competition was taken as the most authoritative contest for aspiring science fiction writers in the English-speaking world “Writers of the Future” (“Writers of the future”), founded in 1983 by writer L. Ron Hubbard and is supported by his colleagues, Robert Heinlein, ray Bradbury, Roger Zelazny and Frank Herbert. For 35 years the English-speaking contest helped bring more than 200 authors in the literature.

The organizers of the “New fiction” set a no less ambitious goal, and judging by the success of the finalists of past years, they are on the right track.

And then the event came to its climax, and the members of the jury opened the envelopes with the third, second and first place winners were announced. They are:

3 place — Irina Pershina and Olga Fedorova (under the alias Rodion Again) the story of a “Doomed and dangerous”,

2 place — Daria Yakovleva, the story “the Buffoon or the story of one foolish burial service”,

1st place — Lily Laevsky with a story “Uzhik on the warpath”.

However and here has not done without surprises. And although no one mixed up the names in the envelopes, it turned out that the winner of the contest was a participant from the United States, which are unable to come to Moscow for the presentation. However, the organizers assured that the cherished statuette and the prize will reach the winner!

However, this award is not over! The head of the club “Real writer”, a charming Kristina Shadrina, again came on stage and applause from the audience awarded the annual prize “For contribution to the development of fantasy”. This year it was awarded to Vera Kamsha. Vera V. has made a significant contribution to the genre not only as a writer but also supporting new authors through contests, regular critiques of their works, publication of joint collections and as co-author.

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Then followed the presentation of the collection with the best stories of the contest “New fiction 2019”. In addition to the finalists in the book are stories by masters of the genre: Faith Kamsi, Vasily Golovachev and Yuri Nikitin. With such star cast of finalists has all the chances to suddenly get their writing portfolio first best-seller. I want to believe that it will.

At the end of the event guests were offered to go to the Banquet and to sign the collections of members of the audience authors. And for some winners it the first autograph session was the most memorable event of the evening!

This season the competition was judged by the Faith Came, Mr Bakulin, Alexander Cherching, Alexey Makhrov, Boris Yulin and Sophia Roldugin. The Chairman of the jury was made by Vasily Golovachev.

The founders of the award: literary club “Paper elephant” and the club “Real writer”. Partners award from the literary world: Portal “Laboratory of Fiction” fiction contest “quasar”, “World of fantasy” — the main geek magazine, the project “Mirror”, the Literary Portal Occult Litcult, the Project “mystery fiction”, the Project “Fantastic.Russia,” the Social network Author.Today, the Project “the Epilogue”, the magazine “Science and life”

The award is also supported by: the Russian Space Society, charitable Foundation “improving the lives and education “EYBL” CIS”, Club of the friends of L. Ron Hubbard, the company “Daigo”, the portal “Moscow charity”, global Media.

Guests of the award was met by the vehicles provided by the company ROLF — the official dealer of ŠKODA.

The following season of competition in the offing, and on 27 July at 15:00 at the book club “Depo” will be a re-presentation of the collection “New fantasy”, for all lovers of books, and especially fiction!



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