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Wine can significantly harm the skin

Вино способно существенно навредить кожеDon’t be surprised tips cosmetologists to abstain from wine.

As it turned out, the consumption of this drink increases the risk of rosacea diseases of the skin, completely deprived of visual appeal.

The consumption of white wine may contribute to the development of such skin disease as rosacea or acne rosacea. It found the staff of brown University, USA, which studied changes in the health status of 83 000 women over a 14-year period.

Every four years, the researchers recorded the level of alcohol consumption in subjects. In total, over the duration of the project 5 000 participants were identified rosacea. This disease is characterized by the dilation of blood vessels and redness on the face, the presence of esteticheskih formations on the surface of the skin. While lovers of wine she showed often. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Those participants who consumed one to three servings of white wine in a month, the risk of rosacea was increased by 14% compared to those who did not drink alcohol”, — said the authors.

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