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Windows 10 will change dramatically

Windows 10 кардинально изменитсяDecember 15, 2018 in the American mass media there was information that the Windows 10 operating system transplants

Just recently found out that Windows 10 operating system, in fact, put a cross, because all the key developers was transferred to the Department to create a new OS that has the code name Lite and install it, you can be, even on TV.

However. American multinational Corporation Microsoft is still not going to completely throw the tenth “Windows”, and the update with the code name 19H1 (Redstone 6) will be a good proof of that.

December 15, 2018 in the American mass media there was information that the Windows 10 operating system is fully reborn, it will happen immediately after the release of the updates 19H1 (Redstone 6) which is to be released in April next year. Latest software almost does not receive any new features and functions, but will fundamentally change the interface, because Microsoft has finally fully implements the support for its proprietary shell Windows Shell.

The update, code-named Redstone 6 will be the sixth in a row for Windows 10 since the release of it on the market. It is on the new interface is going to make a major bet American Microsoft Corporation in the new update. Of course, the start menu will remain in place, but all the elements will look very minimalist. Moreover, the Windows shell Shell is equally well suited for tablets, laptops and even TVs, which is also a big plus. The new interface breathed new life into Windows 10, making it much more appealing to the eye. However, of course, the new design will be able to meet only in standard applications, while developers of all third-party software will have to use the latest SDK in order to finalize their application, adapting them for a new look.

Obviously that is unlikely too many people want to do it, so to feel the beauty updated with “Windows” works only when using the standard software built into the operating system itself.

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