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Windows 10 users lost their files after updating

Пользователи Windows 10 недосчитались своих файлов после обновленияThe October update of Windows 10 was suspected of deleting user files

A number of users reported the deletion from their computers, documents and music and photos in the process of upgrading the operating system.

According to the portal we are talking about upgrading to Windows 10 became available October 3, 2018 (room 1809).

It is emphasized that the cause of this problem may be the failure of one of the functions of the OneDrive client, which is responsible for the automatic copying of data.

A Robert Ziko wrote that after upgrading his computer to lost 220 GB of data. Some of the data he was able to recover: a few months ago he did a backup, but the new files have been lost forever and frayed data Windows updates that came in the night in automatic mode.

Twitter users began to try to understand the causes of the problem. One user claims that if the files are missing in the cloud storage OneDrive, but there are on disk, with Windows update they will be lost. The new version overwrites the files if they are stored in the user directory (C:/Users/user/Documents/).

Users are advised to check the OneDrive icon next to the directory icon, and if its no, I need you to do a backup or at least copy the data to another directory, until Windows started spontaneously updated.

The authors of the blog MSPoweruser found several similar messages in social networks and on the official support forum of Microsoft.

In early January, Microsoft suspended distribution of the Windows updates after the appearance of complaints that users after the installation has stop working computers.

Intel strongly recommends that users with processors of the sixth generation Skylake and later to postpone the installation of the latest Windows updates.

Other users claim that problems with update no.

“I just updated (Windows – Approx.Ed.) and there is no problem. Try to check C:Windows.oldUsers### (directory – Approx.Ed.) if you have files there.

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