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“Window heaters” found in simple and cheap replacement of the heating

"Окна-обогреватели": найдена простая и дешевая замена отоплениюScientists have created of a nanoantenna, which can be heated by solar rays and not stationary heating systems.

As you know, a lot of heat buildings lose through the Windows. For buildings, e.g. office, where the Windows even more, losing more, but scientists seem to have decided this question.

"Окна-обогреватели": найдена простая и дешевая замена отоплению

They are, in fact, turned Windows into heaters, which work with the help of the sun. And all thanks to nanotechnology, with the help of which created nanoantenna. They absorb sunlight and strongly heat up the surface on which they are put.

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When the glass has these antenna properties do not change. With this technology the window become large heaters. This is a simple and cheap way to warm up due to the sun, taking the pressure off of heating systems.

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