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William Friedkin will do the show from the movie “Killer Joe”?

William Friedkin is one of those Directors that took quite a lot of good movies, but which are known and will be remembered primarily as the Creator of a single masterpiece. In this series it is adjacent to Ruggiero Deodato and Eduardo Sanchez: Deodato went down in history as the Director of “Hell cannibals” Sanchez as the Director of “Witches from Blair”… Friedkin is, of course, “the exorcist”. Though the last is still “Wanted” and “Glitches” and “Hunted”, and “Guardian”. And yet – “Killer Joe” (Killer Joe) – underestimated by many southern Noir Thriller 2011 release, where the title role of a charismatic bastard-COP, moonlighting in his spare time hired killer, played by none other than Matthew McConaughey.

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Not all saw this movie, and if you are one of those who haven’t seen it – check it out (video included), McConaughey is in there really good. Moreover, Friedkin himself was not averse to turn this movie into a TV series, but this time without the participation of Matthew.

The Director is developing a TV series with producer Bobby Marescaux (“million dollar Baby”). The action will be transferred to Houston, on Wednesday, the millionaires and billionaires who have wives and rivals in business, so there are people to kill. Joe is a Hitman who deals with the bad guys, if those to be arrested, and their murder, he furnishes so that they look like suicide. On the idea of Friedkin, his hero-anti-hero becomes a sort of avenging angel, as he doesn’t kill anyone to earn, for Joe it is important to understand that the victim somehow deserves to die.

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The result is something like “Dexter”, right? But “Dexter” was in many ways beautiful. While the project is still in the very early stages of development, but is already negotiating with companies that could invest the money. Fridkin, you know, something similar to killer Joe – he doesn’t do horrible just to earn, he must also feel that the film (or series, as in this case) is something more than pure Commerce.

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