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Willem Dafoe animates the God of death (VIDEO)

“Death note” from Netflix, perhaps, and not. But the great actor Willem Dafoe just physically can’t be bad. It was his work the subject of a new fecurity of the film, appears today in the online.

Recall that Defoe gave his wonderful sinister voice Ruku, the God of death who once became terribly boring, and he decided to have some fun, stir up the whole story:

Light, capable student, finds the mysterious death note that can kill anyone whose name to enter. Light decides to launch a secret mission to clean up the streets from criminals. Soon, the student-vigilante discovers that he is pursued by a famous FBI Profiler with the alias L.

In the video you can not only hear the comments Defoe about his character, but to look with one eye on the process of voice acting. Perhaps only in order to assess the efforts of Willem, I still dare one day to watch the filming.

Meanwhile, Netflix is planning a sequel to “death note,” and Director Adam Wingard have ideas on this. However, far-reaching plans can interfere with frankly low ratings of the film.

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