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Will the “Bride” a breakthrough for Russian cinema on the international level?

Among connoisseurs of genre cinema domestic production there was a small but pleasant reason to be proud. In the end, not every day Russian films – especially the Russian horror movies, they go to tops the box office in foreign theaters. The painting “the Bride” made it. And even more…

At first, the news official. “Bride” had a great start in the hire of Mexico, finishing in sixth place in the top of the local box office. The film was released in Mexico in 668 cinemas and collected 751 thousand dollars. Prior to that, about 300 thousand tape managed to collect in Spain, where “Bride” for two weeks was held in place top 10 in rental and also to perform well in the hire of Chile and Peru.

In the Russian hire “the Bride” was attended by about 180 million rubles in the budget of 70 million, making the film is directed by Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo and producer Vladislav Severtsev highest grossing domestic horror.

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Topic: “horror has no nationality.” Interview with Vladislav Severtsev

From myself I will notice that “Bride” should not be idealized, the film is not without flaws, as I wrote at the time in the review… BUT – and this is an important “BUT” – a domestic audience often refers to films produced in Russia is biased, ignoring the advantages and disadvantages of sticking out. We used to compare our movie with the best samples of foreign, primarily a Hollywood production. Meanwhile, in the West remove a lot and frankly poor, mediocre and average films. So – my opinion – the “Bride” holds a very good average and will be better than many of the foreign horror. No, she is not among the best, but is clearly not among the worst. In other words, “Bride” is NOT “Defenders” and the like slag, made in factory saw cut budgets. Our films have room to grow, but at least some of our filmmakers really manage to grow at all.

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Extra evidence of which are given above and the data on levies on foreign territories, and persistent rumors about a possible Hollywood remake of “Bride”. About it already spoke briefly American producer Roy Lee, about the same we recently heard from one of our insiders: talks about the creation of the remake WILL be conducted.

Well, we hope that after the “Bride” domestic filmmakers will achieve even greater success in the field of horror and mystery.

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