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Will Smith had to borrow money from a passerby. Video

Will Smith in the air “Evening the Jimmy Kimmel show” admitted that it is not so often recognized on the streets. Actor, heading the car towards his mansion, found that the gasoline indicator shows the tank is almost empty – had to go to the gas station. However, as it turned out, to buy fuel, he still couldn’t, because I forgot my wallet at home. Will Smith is spotted at the side of a young man who, in appearance, was about 36 years: the actor has concluded that it precisely know.

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Will Smith had to borrow money from a passerby. Video

Smith opened the car window, leaned out of it and tried to attract the attention of passerby. He approached will Smith and really got to know him. According to the actor, the first thing asked of the young people – a joint photograph.

Will Smith admitted that he had to strain slightly to get some much needed petrol money:He asks me: “Hey, can you take a picture?”, I answered: “Yes, no problem, but I need ten bucks.” Him this idea very much: we took a selfie, and he gave me ten bucks. And then I told him: “text me your number, I’ll pay you back”, and he tells me: “Dude, no way! No way! They’re yours!””.
In the end, the actor came to the conclusion that the popularity still sometimes paying off – he quickly was able to get out of an unpleasant situation with a missing wallet.

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A fragment of the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” with the participation of will Smith

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