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Will connect Sakhalin with the mainland do not know what

Сахалин соединят с материком неизвестно чем

Two options railway transition from continent to Sakhalin the authors proposed project, according to DEITA.RU according to the materials of TASS.

As reminds Agency, the construction of the railway crossing from Sakhalin to the mainland has been discussed for many years. And, its supporters as the option with the bridge and tunnel. To the final decision of the high leaders have not yet come. Well, there are different versions of the project. Participated in the development of 16 different design institutes and other institutions. In this work, we have invested more than 3 billion rubles.

The axis alignment of the bridge is proposed to be located in two variants: either the Average Cape (Khabarovsk Krai) – ness of the victims died on the island, to the South passing communications of a gas pipeline, or from the Bay near the mountain to Cape Muraveva Deflection.


In the second embodiment, the distance of communication increases, which allows to comply with the requirements for protected zones, and also reduces the probability of influence of the bridge on them. The bridge is proposed to make a single track with a gauge of 1520 mm.

The track according to the first embodiment in the mainland in the area of the small village of Lazarev of the Nikolaev area, near Middle Cape, located on steep slopes. There are locations, where possible landslides and landslides and would require additional measures to prevent blockages of the way.


For the construction of the tunnel it is expected the temporary predpomnilnik sites, in particular, on the Eastern coast of mainland Nevelsky Strait; the closest populated settlement is the village of Lazarev, and in the Cape of Deflection with the same name abolished the village in the North-West of Sakhalin on the coast of the Nevelsky Strait at its narrowest part. The nearest to this place is the village of Nysh. It also assumes the tunnel is single track with a width of 1520 mm.

In March 2020, in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur projects passage through the Strait will be presented at the public hearing. It is noteworthy that the question of the transfer car is not – just a railway.

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