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Wileyfox Pro – the most useless smartphone in 2017

Brand Wileyfox known for its not the latest smartphones at a fairly high price, sold without charger. Vehicles of this brand is not popular neither in our country nor anywhere else, but the company continues to produce new products, and today she presented a model Pro who deserves the title of “Helpless 2017”.

Firstly, for smartphone Wileyfox Pro from the manufacturer from the fourth tier once asking $ 250, and secondly, is there no Google Android or Apple iOS instead of these platforms installed Windows 10 Mobile, a system that Microsoft officially does not support. This might be the end of the description of the smartphone, but we will continue in Wileyfox Pro has only 2 GB RAM, camera 8 and 2 MP, the battery capacity of as much as 2100 mAh and, of course, a 5-inch screen with giant frames and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, where the same without him.

For all this, the manufacturer asks for $ 250, and the start of sales of smartphone will take place on November 4, probably again without headphones and charger in box. Unfortunately, sales statistics Wileyfox Pro will never be published, but we will try to give the most optimistic forecast: the amount of instances on a global scale will reach 10. Pieces, not thousands. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Wileyfox Pro smartphone built on Qualcomm processor 210.

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