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Wild story with this El Bar

It is always a pleasure to open for our readers some new amusing films and even more pleasant to see how some of these films get to the official film distribution in Russia. Let in this case, often changing the names of 🙂 this happened with a painting from a great selection of films at the 35th Brussels international festival of fantastic films prepared by comrade Ivanov in March. Tape Spanish “El bar” from there (we have translated the name literally, as “the Bar”) gets to Russia!

Distributors will make the company “the Exhibitor”, familiar to horror fans thanks to releases of such films as “the Babadook”, “It’s after you”, “Out of darkness” or, for example, “don’t knock twice.” They, as it became known recently, will act as distributor vysokoozhidaemogo us Thriller Experiment “Office”.

Premiere of “El bar” is planned on 13 July 2017, for a Russian the name “wild story”, well, not a sin to recall what kind of history do something like:

A few people at the bar were witness to the murder of a man on the street. However, after this nothing happened next was not police, nor doctors, the TV ignored the incident and passers-by as if forcibly evacuated. Now visitors will find out what is happening around them in reality.

Directed by Alex de La Iglesia (“the Witches of Zugarramurdi”), the cast also includes familiar faces: Mario Casas (“unit 7”, “the Witches of Zugarramurdi”), the Teres Pavese (“Witches of Zugarramurdi”).

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