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Wife Zibrov made an unexpected statement about Tymoshenko

Жена Зиброва сделала неожиданное заявление о ТимошенкоMarina Zibrov has told to journalists about how to foresee fateful events in Ukraine.

The wife of the famous Ukrainian artist Pavlo Zibrov, which he sang in his smash-hit “Marina”, has psychic abilities.

About it, met with a woman at the ceremony of awarding the winners and laureates of the National program “Person of the year 2016”, to learn more about journalists.

Knowing that Marina Zibrov often see prophetic dreams, the media asked the women which of them were the forerunners of the most ambitious developments in the country.

“Dreamt that I put out hands to the fire exactly at the day of the fire in Kharkov. Politicians also happen a precognitive vision – a dream I had that run away from the country Yanukovych (by the way, I accurately predicted that his presidency will last 4 years). Bloody Maidan dreamed of long before the tragedy… something new? Yulia Tymoshenko is still the last word in Ukrainian politics said, its nothing to write off,” intrigued by Marina Zibrova.

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