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“Wife went hysterical home”: funny jokes about family life

"Жена уехала на истерическую родину": смешные приколы о семейной жизниFunny jokes about the realities of family life you just cheer.

About funny dialogues husbands and wives could write more than one book, because spouses sometimes find themselves wittier professional comedians.

Today we have selected for you a fresh batch of Internet revelations about family life.

— Honey, what would you like to change in our relationship?
Well, it would be more often and free.

— Honey, I got the silk to sew you a new tie!
— Why so many?
— Nothing… From the remains will sew me a new dress.

— Darling, tell us briefly what happened at the PTA meeting?
— In short, with us 6000 hryvnia.

— Well, how are you with children?
Yes hard, not enough sleep, time for yourself do not…
— A Lenka-how?
Lena is me. Vanya looks even worse!

— Your husband need total rest. Here is a sedative.
And when my husband give it to them?
— This is for you.

A couple came in to the restaurant, the waiter:
— What would you like?
— I’m something exotic, please.
How about cuttlefish?
— Let itself will choose.

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