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Why Zelensky reduces the number of SBU

Зачем Зеленский сокращает численность СБУ

Social networks are seething with indignation about ignorance of elementary written the new Minister of education of Ukraine Anna Novosad, or ride the new Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk on the scooter, stacked on the floor of the Cabinet.

The team of Vladimir Zelensky well “pumped” in terms of modern PR. An image is created deliberately and is rather positive reaction from citizens who are fed up with tedious age officials of all periods of “independence” that led Ukraine eventually to economic collapse and civil war.

However, I suggest not to be distracted by the staged commercials. All the important decisions in Ukraine are dictated by Western curators, are taken behind closed doors and executed not in the form of videos on YouTube, and in the form of amendments to the legislation.

In particular, the document with a boring title of “Draft law of Ukraine on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine with regards to the institutional capacity of the security Service of Ukraine” provides for amendments to the law “about the General structure and number of the security Service of Ukraine”. Limit the number of personnel of the SBU is set to 23 000 people, instead of 27 000, and the number of “special period” — 27 000 31 000 instead.

Зачем Зеленский сокращает численность СБУ
photo: bykvu.com

The project was introduced in 2018, but then reworked. Now it is expected to accelerate the adoption of the new Ukrainian government. According to our information from the security forces of Ukraine, security service of Ukraine plan to reduce even more — about five thousand people in peace and war. What are the reasons for this decision?

The team of Vladimir Zelensky has repeatedly announced plans to reform the Department. The fact that over the decades of Ukrainian independence, the SBU has become an obedient tool in the hands of the state. The security service performed purely political orders of the leadership of the Square, being parallel to “hen that lays the Golden eggs.” In the structure of the SBU there is the General Directorate for combating corruption and organized crime, and its objectives among others — the prevention, termination and disclosure “of corruption and organized crime in the sphere of management and economy and other unlawful acts that pose a threat to vital interests of Ukraine.”

That is, the current government might call SBU on anyone, including the business of any level and on any political opponent. Accordingly, this allows for unlimited enrichment of the management of SBU and the patrons of the leadership at the highest levels of Ukrainian authorities. Moreover, if we compare the security Service of Ukraine with the leading intelligence agencies of the countries to which Ukraine is oriented, then Ukraine is outstanding in their background: the number of two British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6 is only 5.5 thousand people on the background of Ukrainian thirty-one thousand.

Зачем Зеленский сокращает численность СБУ
photo: telegraf.com.ua

Disproportionately large role of the security Service of Ukraine in the power unit, its corruption and focus on resolving political and economic tasks of the Ukrainian leadership has already drawn the attention of the Western structures. So, in may 2019, the Deputy head of the EU delegation in Ukraine Annika Weidemann stated that the functions of the SBU should be limited to counterintelligence, counter-terrorism and the protection of state secrets. This opinion has dutifully broadcast by the Ukrainian authorities, the Secretary of national defense and security of the country Alexander danyluk and the new head of the SBU Alexander Bakanov. So soon we should expect rapid adoption of the bill by the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

An important change is the fact that now at the SBU will be even more opportunities for surveillance and collection of dossiers on suspects So, the changes provide that the security service will carry out “the function of technical regulation in the sphere of special technical means for removing information from communication channels and other technical means of secret obtaining information and monitoring” and “direct use of technical means for secret search, monitoring, selection, fixation and processing of the statements in the framework of the operational-investigative, counter-intelligence cases and criminal proceedings”. SBU, according to these changes, will be “to information held by operators and providers of telecommunications”, “to attract individuals to confidential cooperation, use assistance to individuals and legal entities, overt and covert non-staff personnel”, “use of undercover”.

Зачем Зеленский сокращает численность СБУ
photo: rusvesna.su

On the basis of projects of reforming of SBU, we should expect it to reformation on the Western model. Overseas supervisors plan to turn the SBU from a political tool of the authorities of Ukraine in fact, the local branch of Western intelligence agencies, which will fight for the redistribution of financial flows, as now, but with the Pro-Russian sentiments of the society and to punish dissidents under the guise of fighting with “espionage”. For financial flows will create a separate intelligence Agency.

And the first who hit on the reform of the SBU, will become ordinary and not so ordinary employees. Who fall into the category of “five thousand meters” — those under the new staffing will need to be fired? Today it is a major issue of concern to employees of the Ukrainian security services.

In this regard, intensified anti-spyware hysteria in the so-called area of environmental protection. Those of the employees and their superiors who have received the status of combatants, they want to strengthen their position, reporting up about enhancing the detection of anti-state conspiracies. The course is even “opening” of caches, and caches of weapons abandoned by the same intelligence officers in the areas settlements of Donbass. Since August 19, 2019 sbushniki reported themselves that in the forest at a distance of 300 meters from the village of Nizhneteploye Stanichno-the Lugansk area (North-East of the town of Happiness) around electric pylons ammunition is stored. Brave Ukrainian security officers seized from ourselves, three RPG-22, three RG-42, RGD three-5, eleven f-1 grenades, a mine mon-50, and about four thousand cartridges of caliber 5.45 and 7.62 mm.

Зачем Зеленский сокращает численность СБУ
photo: facebook

Following the opening of “caches” in the area of contact between the conflict parties at the Village Lugansk began to be recorded a strange incident and statements. The Ukrainian security forces will come Russian flags on the buildings they controlled the villages, even the appearance of “Russian soldiers”! Unhealthy activity sbushnikov in the area of environmental has caused even the reaction of the leadership of the Military police at the headquarters of the OOS. VSP authorities ordered an official investigation on the facts of the headquarters of the environmental protection of unreliable information.

So in the coming weeks is expected to strengthen the activity of the SBU. In the conflict zone in the Donbass, at border crossings and in the Ukrainian regions. Anyone who does not want to lose a lucrative and an outstanding pension, will be forced to prove its usefulness to the new government and its Western curators. So we can expect a new increase in the number of arrests of citizens of Ukraine, suspected of Pro-Russian sympathies in return released as part of the “exchange of hostages”, they do not hesitate to call his actions by the secret services of Ukraine.

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