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Why young people have no chance neither in the country nor of the “hill”

Почему у молодых людей нет шансов ни у себя в стране, ни за «бугром»

February 4, “Levada-center” published the results of a survey which found migration intentions of the Russians. It turned out that in the whole country wishing to exchange his long-suffering Homeland into something more prosperous — 17%, and this figure remains about the same for many years. Disturbing in this survey is the fact that among young people (18-24 years) with longing and hope on the inviting looking abroad 41%.

The Kremlin these figures are not confused. “It’s not such a high rate,” he waved away the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. In General, of course, optimism is a good thing, helps in the work and personal life. Especially when his own daughter Elizabeth has been living and studying in Paris and to return to the country, where the father, a desire not yet lit.

But we people easier, and when nearly half of those who decided to link the future of the country, you want to leave, this is a concern.

In General, anyone who has eyes and who is not too sentimental, such attitudes of young people is clear: if you don’t have serious relationships, a fantastic career of Senator Rauf Arashukov or the son of Valentina Matvienko is unlikely to Shine. What is now the most attractive career path? Civil service or work in the Corporation. But there all talented and intelligent is not enough, because you need for the family to leave. But seriously dreaming of becoming a sales Manager in salon of cellular communication in their 20s are not for everyone.

Monstrous financial stratification in Russia long ago rusted and dismantled as unnecessary social mobility is a real anchor on any plans to reform the country’s economy and translate it into a progressive track. The “glass ceiling” we are not working on gender and caste basis. And all this cannot be hidden for rousing speeches and talk of an imminent breakthrough.

On the other hand, youth has a certain superficial judgments, the belief that it is good there where we are not. Before the eyes of many who visited as tourists “over the hill”, or saw the West on TV — a way of shining the welfare of the world where justice triumphs and success, all doors are wide open.

Always a bit sorry to ruin the lovely pattern, but not do without it. Perhaps the most talented, outstanding guys really find what’s the way to realize yourself, winning the competition from local graduates of private schools and elite colleges and squeezed into the remaining quota for minorities the space will work for transnational corporations or (and) to foreign intelligence services. But they will be less than 41% of the Russian youth.

Else who will dare to look for happiness away from home, will have to wage an unequal struggle for shelter and a table with undemanding, Ukrainians, poles and immigrants from Africa, to eventually discover yourself as a sales Manager in a German phone store. Is the game worth the candles — of course, it’s every man for himself.

In all this, very sorry for young boys and girls who dream to leave not because I don’t love my country, and then I want to live in dignity, to feel needed and in demand, and not to serve the whims of another confused by their own government bureaucrats. But they are squeezed from both sides: this is the caste of the scope of the present feudalism, with the status of the migrant, which is not good. Which a lot of can tell any zarobitchanin.

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