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Why you should not fear Putin’s threats: an expert explanation

Почему не стоит бояться угроз Путина: объяснение экспертаYou need to learn to put Putin on the spot, and not to be afraid of him.

Putin will frighten the West and Ukraine to the growing conflict in the Donbas. But the fear of the myth of Putin that he will do something bad, it makes no sense. The worst Putin has done – occupied Crimea and invaded Donbas.

About this site said the Director of the analytical center “Politics” Nikolay Davidyuk.

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The annexation of Crimea and war in Donbas is not drastic steps Putin? In 2008, Ukraine refused to join the plan of action to achieve membership in NATO because of Putin’s threats that he was occupying the Crimea and the Donbass, as the opinion of their territories. And still, Putin attacked. So does it make sense to believe overdue myths?
– asked Nikolay Davidyuk.

Therefore, according to the analyst, it is necessary to think, how to learn to put Putin into place and make sure that Ukraine was so strong that Northern neighbor is not encroaching on our territory. This is a strong challenge for Ukraine, our army, diplomacy, and our partners.

At the Davidyuk, it is unlikely the West for the conflict in the Donbass will force Ukraine to give special status ORDO. According to the expert, in the US and the EU understand that the constitutional issues – purely an internal matter of Ukraine. Therefore, if Ukraine takes a clear and tough stand that he would not change the constitutional order for the sake of the whim of Putin, no one put pressure on us not to be.

“For Ukraine the special status ORDO will mean a public debacle. We impose the Kremlin’s policies directly through the Donbass. Then, about reforms, European integration can be forgotten. These monkeys with grenades, running around the Donbass, will be jumping at the Verkhovna Rada, and it will set the main tone of politics. For example, will scream against “bezveze” because it harms friendly relations with Russia, which it is not. We will dive into the darkness from which exit will not be”, – said Nikolay Davidyuk.

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