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Why you should not drink cold water in the heat

Почему не стоит пить холодную воду в жаруVery soon the hot weather will come into its own, and many of us will want after coming home to drink a glass of cold water.

However, experts from Germany explained why all of us should give up this habit.

1. Digestive disorders. Drinking ice-cold water or ice water adversely affects the process of digestion, as it causes narrowing of the blood vessels. It can slow digestion, and if food is not digested properly, it means that the contained nutrients lost or not absorbed by the body.

2. The lack of nutrients. The average human body temperature approaching 37 degrees, but if you drink something very cold, the body will start to expend energy to stabilize temperature balance. This energy otherwise used for digestion and absorption of nutrients. Thus, our body loses the nutrients. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

3. Pain in the throat. Drinking ice water can cause the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory system, which is the protective layer of the respiratory passages. However, if this layer increases, breathing becomes more difficult, and the risk of various infections increases. While there are characterized by pain in the throat, facing so many people.

4. Slowing of the heart rhythm. The use of ice water reduces the heart rate. Studies have proven that cold water stimulates the vagus nerve. This is the 10th cranial nerve, which is an important part of the Autonomous nervous system that controls involuntary actions. The vagus nerve causes a decrease in heart rate, and the low temperature of ice water is a stimulus for this nerve, causing the heart rate and slows down, which is very dangerous to health and life.

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