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Why you need to lose weight in winter: three reasons

Почему худеть нужно зимой: три причиныIt turns out that low temperatures are causing some bacteria in the gut to restructure their operations.

To lose weight help the restructuring of the hormones and “reform” the communities of bacteria in the intestine, which occurs at lower temperatures.

The more you go in winter, the slimmer you will become. It turns out that low temperatures are causing some bacteria in the gut to restructure their operations. To such conclusion scientists have come.

The intestine secretes many hormones that affect other organs, including the brain, and it controls all the processes in the body, – said the head of a group of scientists at the University of Geneva who conducted the experiment, Mirko Trajkovski.

As usual, before to publish his theory, the scientists tested it on mice. They turned just in walruses, accustomed to life at low temperature is approximately 6 – 11 degrees Celsius for two months.

While mice fed for slaughter, that is exceeding the rate of calories in two times. And the idea they had to gain weight. However, the opposite occurred. Rodents immediately started to lose weight, the insulin levels in their blood fell, and in General they are better tolerated low temperatures. One reason for this was that stored fat, supplying energy and heat to the body, began to burn.

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But the secret lay in the fact that at low temperature in mice there was a restructuring of the work of the intestine and its microflora: bacteria that have been associated with the development of diabetes and obesity, have become extinct. Thus, it can be argued that the cold has a positive effect on the dynamics of weight, by accelerating the process of weight loss, concluded.

The authors of the study warned: they do not give firm guarantees that open the technique to work on humans as well as rodents. However, many experts are sure that the cold is in any case useful for weight loss, including due to the special role of the so-called brown fat.

Explain: we have in the body two types of adipose tissue white and brown fat. The first stores energy for a rainy day, causing the waist to spread, while the second is slimming, as is the calorie burning and heated bodies. Scientists from the Australian Institute of medical research Garvan conducted an experiment, asking easily dressed volunteers to spend 10 – 15 minutes at low temperature (about minus 10 degrees Celsius). Muscle testers began to tremble, and, as shown by the analyses, it was accompanied by the release of the hormone irisin. Laboratory experiments showed that the hormone works the same way as previously opened FGF21 hormone secreted by brown fat. That is, the muscle tremor from the cold made white fat to work in the same way that brown, that is burning, burning calories.

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Further studies confirmed that the 15-minute exposure to the cold equivalent of almost an hour (!) the load on the bike. However, being easily dressed, without movement, you can easily catch a cold, so experts recommend to combine: to exercise or brisk walk at low temperature. Is this the right way to lose weight!

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