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Why winter steel stamped discs better cast

Почему зимой стальные штампованные диски лучше литых

Often drivers try to buy winter rubber on disks. Steel is cheaper, but ugly, so a splurge on another casting. Some simply every season throws tires on the same alloy wheels. Meanwhile, in winter you and the car will be much more comfortable on steel stamped disks. And here’s why.

Protection from dirt

When on the street snow and it is sprinkled with sand or chemicals, it becomes dirty. Alloy wheels have thin spokes, and all the dirt easily settles on brake mechanisms. And it reduces resource both disc and drum brakes.

The build-up of ice

In the wet snow on the inside cast rim formed of icing that imbalance and at high speed the whole car vibrates and the steering wheel hits. Contraindicated cast disks and drive in deep snow. Warm brakes melt the snow and it mixes with dust and dirt, cemented to the rim, again making imbalance.

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Moreover, some spokes alloy wheels operate as turbine blades, arches suck in snow dust and dirt. As a result of snow growths are formed also on the springs and suspension components while the car with steel stamped wheels growths of snow mostly only on the mud flaps.

Temperature changes

From the large temperature difference, when you wash the car with hot water for washing self-service in a frost coating cast wheels crack and begins to climb. Elegant appearance (which often buy them) is lost. Stamped discs with no such problem. Besides, they can always close the caps.

Durability and maintainability

Alloy wheels, very economical, themselves are much more fragile than steel. Plus, some alloys become more brittle in the strong frost, so even a small hole at high speed can cause damage to the cast disc. And don’t forget what country we live in — in winter, the pits on the roads becomes much greater and harder to ignore them.

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Don’t forget that alloy wheels are not repairable, even despite the fact that a tire is taken to change them. With steel as drives is much easier — they have no problem can withstand up to minus 60 degrees Celsius, and easily fixed even with an ordinary hammer. And pressed steel disk much cheaper.

In General, there are plenty of arguments for having to wear a cast in summer and winter-shod car in steel wheels with hubcaps.

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