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Why the shot down “Boeing”…

In connection with the recent events, an interesting picture emerges.
In 1983, U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who declared a “crusade” against communism, very much like the Soviet Union was the “evil Empire.” And… there’s a South Korean passenger “Boeing”, which for some strange reason, has deviated from its usual route and flew over the air defenses of the USSR in the far East, where he was shot down. But still remains unknown who and why gave Boeing the incorrect coordinates and did not tell the pilots that they were off course.

Interestingly, in 1997 he published a book “the Truth about flight KAL-007” a former employee of the Japanese intelligence Yoshiro Tanaka (eng. Yoshiro Tanaka, jap. 田中賀朗), who led the wiretapping of military facilities of the USSR from the station in Wakkanai in the North of Hokkaido (the one that overheard negotiations the Soviet pilots who shot down the flight KE007). In the book Tanaka concludes that us intelligence agencies deliberately sent a passenger plane into Soviet airspace to reveal the secret and “silent” objects in the system of defense of the USSR (which has been upgraded and strengthened in 1982). Reconnaissance planes could fly only for a short time and close. And in 2015, the Japanese foreign Ministry declassified documents, 1983, in which high-ranking representatives of the US administration privately notify the employees of the Ministry that the plane was mixed up with an American spy and shot down by mistake. In official statements at the time, Washington insisted on the version that flight 007 was intentionally shot down Moscow”.

In 2001, President George. Bush needed an outside enemy to the approval of the US as the sole superpower. And also to take control of Iraq’s oil, which held anti-American policy. And… September 11, 2001 a terrorist attack occurs in new York. Two Boeing crashed into new York skyscrapers of the WTC-1 and WTC-2, and the third struck the wall of the Pentagon, and the fourth flew, crashed in Pennsylvania. The two towers of the world trade center within a half hour of interesting the way collapsed, neatly folded inside. But for some reason completely destroyed and a neighboring skyscraper, WTC 7, although his aircraft did not fall. There are plenty of strange inconsistencies and facts that anyone and could not been explained so far. An interesting fact that six weeks before the attack 09.11. three tower buildings were insured for billions of dollars…
Just a few days after it appears the first version and the executers. Blame immediately named Osama bin Laden, who led from Afghanistan and his brainchild, al-Qaeda. Immediately identified the names of all 19 hijackers, who threw near airports your machine, which is found in the Koran and instructions in Arabic, “How to fly a plane”, and in the wreckage of the aircraft found miraculously surviving passports of terrorists. But 9(!!!) “terrorists”, which, according to the United States, hijacked the planes, mysteriously appeared alive and left America before the terrorist attack…
But it was necessary to act quickly, not paying attention to such “trivia”. Thus began the war against Afghanistan and then Iraq. And at the same time… 2 weeks after the attack, Congress adopted the so-called “patriot act” that allows to violate the rights of citizens, without a court order to conduct surveillance to listen to conversations and correspondence, to anyone suspected of “terrorism,” any documents from services and organizations, conduct searches without notifying the citizens, restrict freedom of speech, etc.
About lies of the American presence in Iraq, bacteriological and nuclear weapons, will not even mention. Neither one nor the other – was not found. But March 20, 2003 – began the bombing of Iraq, then the war and occupation of Iraq by the Americans.

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In 2014, the Americans had successfully financed the Maidan in the Ukraine and came to power anti-Russian policy, focused on the United States. But the full success of the USA could not be reached, Russia returned to the Crimea, and in Donbass the war began. In June 2014 the offensive of the Ukrainian troops and the shelling of Donbass cities, the killing of civilians by the Ukrainian nationalist battalions and units of the national guard. An unpleasant situation developed for the “new” Pro-American government in Ukraine.
And… once again the same picture: on 17 July 2014 over Ukraine shot down the Malaysian Boeing. For some strange reasons, the Ukrainian authorities have not shut down air traffic over the battle area. Immediately after a disaster in foreign and Ukrainian mass media there are numerous fakes on the negotiations of the militia which allegedly shot down the Boeing.
The result – against Russia tougher sanctions, our country and the militias are accused of terrorism. So far (even though it’s been 6 years) the final answer as to who shot down the Boeing – no. Even part by foreign experts, are not friends of Russia, does not agree with the conclusions of the investigation.

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And finally, the recent events:
In Iraq on an official visit, as the official arrives, the commander of “al-Quds” as a part of the Islamic revolution guards Corps General Qassem Soleimani. United States, without trial, spit on diplomacy, carried out a military operation and killed in the night of 3 January 2020 Iranian General. And then President J. trump, apologizing for the crime, said that America killed terrorist No. 1. Please note, without any trial, just because America is considered the General enemy.
Violation of international law is obvious and the support of US actions (except its close allies), have not received. In response, Iran threatens strike on America, and trump it fears that Iran will be destroyed. Of course, that Iran’s armed forces are in full combat readiness.
And… that’s right, January 6 loses another Boeing. Which again, for some strange reason, deviates slightly (2-3 km) from your route in the direction of a secret Iranian military facility “the Mallard”, where are serving not the professional military, and do not obey the command of the army soldiers “IRGC”. Presumably, the site contains launchers of Iranian ballistic missiles and the research center of rocket technology. Naturally, the security defense is serious, but still in a state of high alert in connection with threats to the United States.
After 2 days of Iran recognizes that Boeing shot down by Iranian air defense. The result: instead of condemning the illegal murder of foreign citizens by the military forces of the United States, condemned terrorism of Iran, which shot down a civilian Boeing. And in the Iran – begins Maidan…

Hypothetical question: the next time the worsening of the international situation, it will be enough of the downed Boeing terrorist act or need something more serious? For example, the explosion of a small nuclear devices or chemical bombs anywhere in the U.S.? To portray the next “evil Empire” of the objectionable USA. Well, why not? Because interest rates are rising and means of influencing public opinion, should be more serious…

PS: Pay attention – the question is purely hypothetical. Although… sometimes the most absurd assumptions are much weaker than terrible reality…

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