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Why the security forces ran into “Rolf”?

Почему силовики наехали на «Рольф»?

“Rolf” — the largest Russian car dealer with annual revenue of more than 200 billion rubles. With showrooms and shopping venues, service stations, warehouses, expensive equipment, buildings and land in Moscow and other large Russian cities.

Finally, the company that has the confidence of foreign suppliers and manufacturers. Line of cars Mitsubishi, Volkswagen-group, Hyundai, Kio, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, almost all the star brands sell their product through “Rolf”. In short, cool business and a tidbit. And now its offices and sales centers were searched by investigators looking for traces of… for 2014, and the owner is in the search and arrest warrant. Well, cool!

And again: “Rolf” — this tidbit, which… is bad! And you know why? The main founder of the company and its owner — former state Duma Deputy Sergei Petrov. I know him many years to work in “Fair Russia”, when she was still trying to be normal by the opposition faction, and its members wore white ribbons and voted against the election fraud.

Petrov was not very public, but very honest and decent MP with a solid position. This in itself in Russia is a huge risk. But he naively believed that to vote according to conscience can not be dangerous. After all, he’s not a revolution called. That voted against the ban on rallies and demonstrations, against the “Spring package” and the “law of scoundrels”, and even abstained on the Crimea.

Therefore, assaults on Petrova (personally) and threats to demolish his business began when I was an MP. I think that’s why he soon left the Duma, ceased to participate in any political projects and not to irritate the Kremlin, went abroad to family and children, handing over the management of its company managers.

Now follow three thimbles… Oh, sorry, the actions of the security forces. Who is Petrov for the current establishment? Fronder, unreliable people with suspect views on the future of Russia. Ah, you see, he has created a world-class company? Employ 9,000 people? Pays annually $ 30 billion in taxes? Expect the state of gratitude?! Yes, he’s just the villain: not only is the money earned IN OUR COUNTRY (we have allowed it to him!), so it is with us still and is not divided!

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Become the power to protect the business of Petrov, I think the security forces? Unlikely, because he improperly voted in the Duma. How to seize the “Rolf”? It’s very simple: make your case, reasoned that the security forces will issue a warrant of arrest in Russia Petrov is not coming, and without him to protect the company, no one really can not. Derbanit, Rob, Yes send negotiators to “buy” the business for a penny.

So there is a “business”, custom-made. Note the wording: “false agreement”, ” $ 4 billion more expensive than the market price,” “is SUSPECTED of withdrawal”. With a fright they are 5 years later decided that the Treaty was fraudulent, the value of assets is overstated and the funds withdrawn for the purpose of assignment?

Why do we even have Arbitration and the courts, experts and expertise, quotes and valuers, market transactions and prices, if we have investigators, easy on the eye determine the value of any assets and stocks?! Though surprised, the same investigators show utter helplessness in the investigation of ordinary crimes: no are you competent Protocol of interrogation of the offender to make, or clearly to consolidate the evidence of guilt. Yes, sometimes just professionally inspect the crime scene can’t. Thousands of “mistakes” make a valiant homicide, when it comes to real murder or robbery. And here (with “Rolf”), such speed and depth of penetration into complex business processes that already captures the spirit.

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But seriously, in my opinion, we are dealing with a banal raider seizure. Type Petrov, who is politically “unreliable”, after the threat of arrest in Russia now, do a foot, and with the rest of we, the security forces, then quickly look. That is, take the. That’s the motivation.


1) no investment climate in Russia, of course not. Or rather that there is a constant storm and hurricane. At any time blow the hell out of any business, especially profitable. Seriously invest in our country so fucking stupid;

2) any of the security forces, serving the Law in Russia, too, is long gone. Just werewolves in uniform, robes, uniforms prosecutors, etc. System that can destroy any business and the economy in General, and is not able to protect people from this crime. In short, not a country but a big Kuschevka;

3) the destruction of the business in Russia takes on the character of the epidemic: the security forces decide who lives and who dies. No other civilized protection mechanisms of entrepreneurship in the country over the years of “manual control” and not created.

In these circumstances, the Federal penitentiary service it is time to create a separate barrack for ulucevik, Calvey and other prominent businessmen, so they were more comfortable “behind closed doors” to discuss ways to improve the investment climate in Russia. This is more productive than a pathetic bluff of the St. Petersburg Forum. Certainly more honest and truthful.

So, dear entrepreneurs, government advocates and fans of the “United Russia”, for You yet? Well, it’s not Your merit, and someone defect!

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