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Why the ruling party is preoccupied with questions of morality

Почему партия власти озаботилась вопросами морали

Circumstances require from the “United Russia” have not “club heads”, and a real party fighting for the electorate. But this task is awkward

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Appeared last month, the rumors are true: at the next Congress of “United Russia”, which will begin on 7 December, will be taken “commandments for party members”. First, they say, wanted to take the 10 commandments from the Lord to keep up, but then poskromnichal and stopped at five. Party bosses excited about the moral character of subordinates. Raise questions craving for demonstrations of excessive luxury and included recently in the fashion speech about the state that people “should not do”. It is these impulses and limit the new rules.

Not a real party and a real voter
The party system in Russia has not developed. Or disintegrated during the Putin’s rule. We will not dive into a debate about words. We note only that the “United Russia”, cobbled together from “Unity” and “Fatherland” nearly ate each other alive in the 1999 elections, has always been perceived not as a party but as a sort of club for the bosses. EP has the origin as a construct that monster, made of different parts, something that is obviously inanimate.

United Russia no to Putin’s history, no memories about the times of real political struggle, but there is a constitutional majority in the Duma. In most parts of regional parliaments they are also the owners, almost all governors — United Russia, too, and almost all the governors too, and so on and so on and so forth. This has its advantages — in the hands of “United Russia” — the administrative resource at all levels, guaranteed support of the Federal center, the ability to win any election, without regard to decency, and to enjoy the numbers of ratings that draw a formal sociological Agency. And for many years this endless series of successes have demonstrated that the population is in General satisfied with the current situation of mass interest in politics there, the self-proclaimed majority in the decorative Parliament can stamp the laws that are written in the presidential administration, the government and the security Council, and the authoritative members of the club on the ground, quietly continue their own enrichment.

And say, of course, at conventions heartfelt speech about patriotism and unconditional support of the national leader.

No one, of course, never liked the party chiefs. Now state people fashionable to talk about age-old traditions, well, dislike of the boss just from others. The real and very ancient tradition, unlike many others, fictional. But in the era of Putin’s stability — seriously, perhaps the most well-fed era in Russian history, political theatre, few were occupied. And the party bosses flourished. And suddenly, times have changed. And even the official sociological agencies fail to draw the correct ratings. Ratings, like leaves in autumn, now crumble.

A resident of a country that through the course of the national leader was, well, how would it mildly, in not the most pleasant economic situation suddenly turned into a voter. The voter came in September in the gubernatorial elections and in four regions of the rolling stooges of the Kremlin. In fairness it should be noted — not all of them were members of “United Russia”. But this is certain, the former a comfortable position of the ruling party: any head is perceived as the representative of the EP. And the party is responsible for all the unpopular power solutions. What does it mean for voters of United Russia? Is someone who voted for pension reform and other annoying laws. Will continue to vote — where will he go, though he is the boss, and also forced people.

And the dislike for the boss is already not an ancient tradition, and part of the current policy. The time demands of the struggle for the voter. Requires the EP turning into a real political party. Oh, and all the other systemic parties is also a concern, but it is easier: they do, albeit nominally in opposition, and can gladly bite the “United Russia” at the heels of gaining points.

A monument to his own impotence

That’s only why would the club chiefs to make a party? The experience of political struggle — no. The pressure on the competitors with all the legal and illegal ways, and the rewriting of protocols of electoral commissions — it’s still not quite the political struggle. From responsibility for unpopular measures can not escape — I wonder whether the years flogged the pharynx, favoring the right course? “United Russia” to exist, to stamp composed by representatives of the present government laws. And can exist only as long as its members will meekly vote “Yes”.

A blow to the back of the party caused, in addition, it is friendly to the popular front. Once upon a time Front occurred within the infighting of the two statesmen — Vyacheslav Volodin and Vladislav Surkov — for the love of the country’s main chief and for a place closer to the main in-country office. That struggle is long gone, the Front one no longer thinks as a possible alternative to the ER, but now he got the best people with crystal reputation — doctors, teachers, benefactors, and the right to do good deeds, to help the disadvantaged, and to monitor the performance impracticable the may decree of Vladimir Putin.

“United Russia” could play on this field, and now can not. Not to duplicate the same steps on the Front, which formally established the you know who? Yes, he, the chief, first. He and the leaders listed there. It remains only to continue to work on unpopular laws, Yes, be mad at the people who are increasingly asking the party members on the ground offensive questions. In response to that and breaks Slama voters the truth — “the state has not asked you to give birth”, “the state owes nothing to anybody” and so forth.

Trend when asked by the leader of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, with his famous aphorism: “there is no Money, but you hold on!”

In a situation when the agenda comes out not even a real political struggle, and its pale shadow, the “United Russia” becomes totally unviable project. She did not create and is not one of those is. Not for different-sized heads was recorded in its ranks.

And what do they do now? Well, Yes, of course, to write the commandments. Own because the familiar is not good. Try to imagine a Russia with the tablets on which is written large “do Not steal”. Over him they will laugh, and he knows it. You have to Dodge: “don’t annoy your slave clock nor Swiss, nor German car or impudent speech.” But this is — shot yourself in the foot. Isn’t that why Swiss watches, German cars and the ability to whip a slave by tinsel the average United Russia climbed the party? And for what? For the sake of the country?

Well, I’ll choose to blame, from those who are not particularly sorry, and will be punished for the personal dirt. The government is in crisis, the ruling party is also in crisis, despite the fact that it’s not a party. Clearly have something to offer, something to do, and it’s something new and not reducible to no Patriotic speeches, no vows of loyalty to the national leader.

The commandments remain. As a monument of his own powerlessness and unworthiness.

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