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Why the crisis is inevitable?

The title is provocative. The question already contains the claim that the crisis is INEVITABLE, only the reason why? In reality, of course, wrong.

This is off the optimistic view))).

Actually the question contains two statements, the second and most of the readers didn’t notice. Inevitable we have in the context of the CRISIS. The crisis involves only a system voltage, balancing on the verge of destruction – which is then safely removed and replaced with growth stage. Here is what is extremely optimistic.

This could work ten, twenty, or forty years ago – when the peaks of overproduction – or collapse of bubbles, likvidiruet in painful crisis process back to the framework of relative norms.

Today is inevitable, unfortunately, is not a crisis. Inevitable total agony of the modern economic system. Neither of which the crisis of the question. It is the DISMANTLING, the COLLAPSE of the entire structure of world trade (and not only). Institute of international law (and not only). The liberal order of public life (and not only). The collapse of the system as such (not only dollars).

In interesting time we live in (which, by the way, any soul not by chance, but now not about it – here is metaphysics))).

So, ahead of the full reality transformation. She goes much further than you think – and even further than the author thinks. Ahead…

Stop. Much you suffered? Do you even conventional crisis prove his alleged inevitability. And that is already a reality he swam. Thumped, or what?


– Not sober)). Quarter-life crisis? In a sense, the collapse of everything? Any and all indexes and standard of living?

Well, Yes. And then scare people about this, yelling from different sides – say, soon to be bad – and around is all right. Well, almost normal. Here I am an ordinary person like me to understand, that you there’s not a Blizzard? Not noodles on my ears hung? Maybe you Putin pay extra. Or The State Department. Or some Soros, who is there now still under suspicion?

– Yes without problems. This is just to spread out easily. Anyone with common brains will understand.

Here again, you, the author, probably manipulated. Like, if I did not understand, did not agree, then I have no brain – or they are not common?

– Listen, you can not please everyone. So write – offended, they say, manipulated. Write – “not everyone would understand,” said one, his companions allocates to favorites. Write – “any sheep will understand” – just offended. Come on, I’m not going to dance – and just to finish the thought. Th you interrupt me all the time, then?

You have two hemispheres. We have been discussing.


In order not to sink into the indexes in clearly politicized assessment by rating “Madison” and other expert brother (there’s a LOT of information, just it was specific), we will take the simplest, baseline.

It – oil.

Demand in the world declined and continues to decline. In 2020 according to optimistic forecasts, he (in total) will decline by 7-9 percent (predicts interested in the high prices of OPEC); on the pessimistic – will reach 30. Talking about this other experts. There are more hard predictions, but we’re not looking for extremes, and common sense.

Most diplomatically broadcast that, say, the oil market more volatility (uncertainty).

Take a moderately optimistic forecast reduction of 12 percent. It corresponds to the facts, and common sense, and certainly NOT in rolls

too much.

12 is a lot or a little? Well, think of it, the demand for oil. It is expensive hell knows how long, then cheaper out – to otritsalovo reached. Her sausage as the victim. Now again 42. And so what?

– Do not confuse hemispheres, it’s not the price per barrel. Price is important, but still secondary. The fact that the energy, hydrocarbons kept the GLOBAL ECONOMY. Again – not on the price of these energy products (in price, in large part, holds the content of the budget of the Russian Federation – but it is not so much). Namely, the physical energy the WHOLE WORLD ECONOMY in its trade and industrial saturation.

Financial bubbles we are not interesting.


In other words, if 12 percent drop in the consumption of oil at the same rate (and in real life much more) – showered and everything. ALL.

No raw materials – no asphalt, plastics, fertilizers, fuel, electricity, energy, all those Goodies that shape our civilization.

12 percent to the end of the year is a lot. This – the PEAK.

And it is soft rating.

Again. Interesting – and really important – it is DEMANDED by the GLOBAL ECONOMY production. This is the amount that will ACTUALLY be recycled, be used to improve human life. How many wrappers did pay for the barrel and who, exactly who made a killing – and who went bankrupt – it’s the details that are important only to the participants of the process. It is important for us OVERALL TOTAL REDUCTION.

In other words, the WORLD ECONOMY, and a falling credit dopes, oil in such quantities is NO longer NEEDED. This is not to say that the oil excess product. Far from it; it is one of the most profitable products that are in your nature. But it is necessary to “digest”, full use of – and our planetary economy, skewed to “poreshat market”, more is not able to.

And that’s the clinch. And this sukajaya provokes nervousness, division of residues, conflicts between government agencies and corporations. Between locking in mortal combat by clans behind the scenes.

Eaters on the planet until the end of the year will be more. But products less. In addition, the manufacture of these goods will be proportionally fewer people who are actively expelled from zakolebalsya economy (robots rule).

Then the process will go on increasing, driving himself through breaks and trade credit chains.

Through increasing unemployment and reducing the aggregate (effective) demand.

Through the decrease in real production.

Through the reckless spending of resources on conflicts and saber rattling.

We are not going to lay out the reasons for this trend to reverse will fail. GENERALLY fail – because it scrapped the system. We now answer the question of why inevitably at least that in the popular consciousness is reflected by the word CRISIS.

In the autumn of the environment around us will become aggressive.

Figuratively speaking, fall will begin “shelling”. Relative to the accidental knocking out of running businesses. Plus compulsory crackdown.

It is inevitable.

The author argues that it will be a new, constant quality of life. The optimists (I’m the realist) I trust that in five or six years the situation will change.

Established family life of the average person can break into pieces the first “shell”. Or the second. Or the fifth. The situation is not directed against you specifically. And, with some luck it will be possible to exist indefinitely – but the cumulative civilization “pie” cities – a number of utilities who buy for the money – no matter how many intermediate transactions there has not been REDUCED by AT LEAST 10-12 PERCENT. This is a scary figure. Pie and I had not enough at all. And the world is so constituted that first take their share of the hungry, and those who are stronger. And this is only the beginning of the collapse.


Why only cities? Because on the ground the man himself decides what, how and when to produce.

The buildup of the situation using black pogroms, of course, does not add to the total effort. Broken Windows and looted stores will only worsen the supply. The criminal outrage to distract the public part of the resource to the grid, security and barbed wire (and it’s not a small part). The guard as bandit does not produce anything. And are used to eating one and the other.

We now have – the LAST really quiet summer (despite the annoying all-mask))).

If you “dragonfly” – relax at the full – will be something to remember. If you “ant” – use these days. Will be able to remember)).


By the way, for those who trust that everything is happening by accident, it practically writes itself – and we’re engaged in “conspiracy theories”))). This gorgeous word-shortcut devalues any information, eliminating in samskruti was the brains glimpses of doubt. Like a shovel of shit was dumped in the scoring engine.

Think you do not need to go nowhere))).

Most people take info only from the media (even knowing that the media constantly lie to them))) is a standard hike a donkey after a carrot. Donkey, forever a slave to happiness…

This applies to absolutely everybody – in the East and the West. I think it’s just a property of the human psyche.


For example, the main topic of the news. Unrest in the United States that broke out after the murder by police of black atronger. Racists killed a recidivist. Let me remind you, this is the OFFICIAL reason for things happening in the West of lawlessness.

Against her protest.

What kind of racism in the United States (today) can we talk?

Black already in the presidents noted.

Yes, the General standard of living among the Negroes below. This black and JUSTIFY their propensity to violate the law (murder, robbery, rape, drug trafficking, theft, fraud).

Such a correlation really exists.

The poorer strata of society, the more it is criminalized.

That’s just the poorest stratum of white will be calmer and more loyal than the richest orangery. The homicide rate among the poorest layer of white is TWICE lower than among the most affluent blacks.

And this is statistically proven.…

this particular reference is taken from Makarenko (Morgen); but the material, of course, is not unique.… –

here’s an interesting plate for 2006.

Niggers only came to the US from Nigeria to prison, almost did not fall. They have not mastered do not climb on the rampage, behave loyally. And that’s – enough – to “evil racist police” didn’t offend them, not enough on the streets “for anything“.

Put there is very hard, but it’s the same thing. In particular, if you behave like a monkey – ‘ll kick your ass like an animal. Anyway, before America was. And the skin color of the “monkeys” had no value.

Although a well-deserved REJECTION of black society was.

So why should their surrounding love, with such statistics?

What is happening now – not clouding the mind. This is sensible driving a wedge in a painful point of society. There used to squeak, inflamed, has pick… that will start now – especially when (very soon) inflated real collapseunemployment (he’s still only on the outskirts)…

Racial showdown for the United States is dead.

And they STARTED at the TOP; attacking the numerous and hard-working part of their society – and-white.

Finally beat the white is impossible – it would lead to the collapse of the entire structure.

Wait for the aggressive answer is chaos; and it will also lead to collapse.

To develop a situation in opposition to other races (Hispanics, yellow, red, Arabs) – it’s even faster will lead to collapse.

To split the white groups, to oppose LGBT Christians, family man feminists, redecam the Democrats and the Republicans and the Muslims, all the rest is just what comes to pass. And this will lead to the expulsion from the USA of those who do not want to cook in this rotten soup of cannibals. Those who are MOST CONFIDENT (is a good specialist) and those who can not make this mess of moral and ethical. Will only fattened consumers of velfer, the elderly, drug addicts, feminists, faggots and the waiters are all sorts of unclaimed services. This nowhere to go, not on what you don’t have to. And farmers (rednecks) who are not fortunate to be tied to a dying earth. Later and this thread comes the collapse.

This is what the author writes here for the fourth year. The West is preparing the expulsion of the aggregate of the Burger from their homelands. The long-promised process WENT and initiated it with the GOVERNMENT. In fact, his Power and prepared carefully, delving into every detail.

Total – at any branch in the future, the collapse of the \ that is not a failure of the program, and the GOAL of Puppeteers – as all that was required to pump-move-to relocate has ALREADY been forwarded to the territory of having a chance to survive.

And through a web of corporations – they have the same owners.


Why do I mention this aspect? Where we are, and where the United States? Fire from a neighbor who tried to set fire to your house – it’s fun))).

I AGREE – something really cool. I will not prevaricate – they my niggas on the streets is entirely deserved. Not about States my very, very deeply hidden sorrow)).

Only the fire will burn. Burns John farmer and his laborer, all the same a pity.

In addition, in the collapse of the American economy (and it WILL, for us it’s not bad) – break of chain, which operates in the United States and the EU – and China – and Russia. This means many companies will be left WITHOUT ORDERS FOR THEIR PRODUCTS. No paid orders. And this (usually) not mean that these products will buy somewhere else. To ship something even familiar customers without prepayment will have aristarain. In this case the grain, for example, you can redirect anywhere; and consistent, certified, running on the flow line of any industrial products to deploy to another country is a whole song. Product enterprise just stop churning out (and it is VERY profitable to the manufacturer). Saves only raw materials and energy (it’s relatively small, sometimes even entails additional costs for unscheduled storage); released labor force – usually she is not impressed from such “vacations” flying agreement from subcontractors that are not paid on time loans enterprisemortgage workers – falls in aggregate effective demand – and it’s all moving on, branching chain.

But if it starts to get a dollar (and it will be rocking) – difficult mutual settlements, even those industries that America is not connected. No raw is not time to buy, no equipment.

It is painful.

And hurt our Russian Vanka – not American John. That has no difference, he had already moved to the planet of the apes – and our yet have something to lose and something to ponder.

Two or three steps in that direction – and in settlements will appear to barter.



Почему кризис неизбежен?

“The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours.”

There is nothing to add.

Time symbolic twice.

Our economy is not thriving. But began to crumble after all the combined West. And it gives reason for moderate optimism.


Chelyabinsk oblast, the color rating. Orenburg oblast.

Go down the algorithm.

I. the Actual NPP.

Nuclear facilities around Th more than two. How to clarify will not, in the key studies is not essential)).

Note Chelyabinsk-65 (Ozersk) and Chelyabinsk-70 (Snezhinsk).

Actually famous lighthouse is located on lake Tashan, which is there a natural cooler with rigid supervision. Fish and game on the Chelyabinsk roads better not to buy; it can be marred.

The site for the lighthouse was chosen a very long time, about any coup in the Soviet Union at that time did not even know. So its very location gives us nothing. As development because, to a large extent the political and military component. However, well-being and development of such a facility, and today speaks for itself.

Next. South Urals NPP. Unfinished nuclear power plant with a long and turbulent history.

The construction (design part and related infrastructure) began in 1982. Actual construction started in 1986. Planned three major units. Then, in 1986 it slowed down – and in 1993 stopped completely.

What tells us this information?

The choice of film about anything, as in 1982, the Soviet Union had no data about the Coup.

The suspension of the object – a perfectly normal reaction to what was happening in the country after the Chernobyl disaster; moreover, the construction really started. Work recorded on the level of the pit.

Full stop of construction in 1993 was also not informative. At that time there was an active stage of the dismemberment of the USSR, and the Puppeteers were not up to projects post-flood energy. Much more important to obtain and maintain actual control over the territories of the decaying Empire. Accordingly, to give into the hands of the natives additional nuclear trump card was absolutely not in the interests of the Anglo-Saxons. By that time they already controlled almost all the subjects of the Russian Federation. By the way, their risks are really working in the interests of Russia. At the turn of the Millennium – with the aircraft Primakov process failed to deploy.

In other words, the whole story of the unfinished nuclear power plant cannot be an argument either in favour of the security of the territory – not to testify about any threats.

The plans to resume construction of the South Ural stations are still just plans. If you accelerate – they are quite unable to carry out; but time to lose, there are few.

Total item – Area is likely to have “Blue” color. And the emphasis here is on objects of type “Mayak”, and not to the unfinished nuclear power station, which, in fact, we have only the pit.

II. The surrounding infrastructure.

The city, of course, powerful.

Steel, iron, zinc and ferro-alloys. Space, aviation, Navy, army, road machinery, tools, appliances – range. Mechanical engineering – you will admire.

Not even going to deploy. A steady Blue color.

III. The social component.

The city (in the vernacular – “Th”…) is developing “satisfactorily”. No jerks – and especially failures. Large enough housing – even for a millionth. 90 residential complexes; and it is only in the Chelyabinsk. Since the area is already 156.

And this is despite the fact that housing today is relatively inexpensive. For whom all this build? A rhetorical question; those who read the author’s articles have long known the answer – and how it relates to the Negro unrest discussed above.

Training is also all right. 15 universities – even for the one million a very good value. A solid, working city. Basis.

The “blue” color.

IV. Something special.

Well, metro is building hard enough)). Not to say that someone in it already happened – but not to say that the building is frozen. IF we are not mistaken about the color in the next two years, the money will finally be found – and by 2027, the line will be completed.

Geography. 218 metres above sea level. Far enough from the oceans; plate. The largest reservoir (Argazi) – like many relatively small lakes – threat in our view is not present. Neither the place of its location (the wave goes FROM city) – or in fact. Periodic drying only affirm this conclusion.

The meteorite we drag in here will not; but the storage of nuclear weapons, which it threatened, it is currently confirmed a preliminary conclusion about the safety of the territory. In other words, where will the Wave (except kilometer mudslide with freezing), such storage must be eliminated. For such needs, like as not.

The “blue” color.

V. Conclusion. With great certainty we can say that the Chelyabinsk region in our study is safe, “Blue” color.

Happy for Chelyabinsk.

Orenburg oblast.

I. the Actual NPP in a region is absent.

II. Infrastructure.

Industry – gas, gas-processing, food – immediately after 90 received a steady replenishment of resources. Of course, metallurgy. Electricity provide Sakmarskaya CHP and Kargalinskaya CHPP. The development is clearly not a locomotive (and a steppe base not conducive to “the jerks”), but not depressed region. Just above that there should be “average.”

III. Social development. Very well with Universities. Very good for pyatistishiya. Housing construction, though not on the scale of the neighboring Chelyabinsk, but quite sturdy. 20 housing only in the city. In the proportion is about a third less. Not been himself; but the reviews of recent years about the city is good.

IV. Something special. Camels and desert… Geographically, the city is a relatively safe Wave. The height of 107 meters above sea level. There are difficulties with floods (and this is important).

V. in addition to local problems with the “water” they will be significant – the area can be painted “Blue”.


And again had to work in the crumpled regime, and the following article will hardly be complete.

Color layout today. Card multifunctional.…

The Wave direction on the globe…



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