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Why the Belarusians are leaving the country, if all is well in Belarus?

Почему белорусы массово уезжают из страны, если в Беларуси все хорошо?

At that time, as I admire in his articles Belarus, thousands of the indigenous inhabitants of this country are fleeing abroad. I often wondered why this is so, because everything is so good. But having lived here a certain amount of time, and mingle with Belarusians, I found out what problems Belarusians forced to leave their homeland.

Почему белорусы массово уезжают из страны, если в Беларуси все хорошо?

To move – this is normal.

Even the rich and successful countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, England etc) every year leaving many people in other countries. For a variety of reasons. All seek to find their country and its place in life. Belarusians are not an exception to the rule. So migration is a phenomenon familiar and normal as it does not exceed reasonable limits.

Universities prepare professionals with no demand.

Thousands of economists, managers and lawyers every year graduate from universities and go to float freely. No one (neither the students nor the parents nor the Universities) don’t think, to all of them to do. In a small Belarus with its small amount of companies, many managers simply don’t need. At the same time in the factories and in collective farms no work, and no one to develop them. It turns out that every year there are half a hundred thousand youth who have nowhere to go. And they see only one way out: to go to another country and try to get there.

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The proverb “where was born there and handy” does not work in Belarus.

And simply put there just may not be decent work for a specialist. The labor market is full, new jobs do not appear, a lot of companies are eliminated. And the situation turns out that people are firing more than hiring. Therefore, the specialists of “head” and skills are massively moving to countries where they and their skills are needed.


Почему белорусы массово уезжают из страны, если в Беларуси все хорошо?

Why Belarusians choose Russia and not Europe?

It is particularly interesting why Belarusians often go to work or permanent residence in Russia (more than 53% of all emigrants). Because these countries aren’t much different from each other? The answer is simple. First, Russia is no longer, there are more companies, more opportunities, than in Belarus. Secondly, Russia is cheaper than Europe, thirdly, there is no language barrier. However, there is a caveat. Russia travel hardworking. On construction sites, repair work, maintenance staff. But in Europe and the US are going “brain”, doctors, teachers, scientists and so on.

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The standard of living

Like it or not, but the level of life in Belarus is lower than in Russia (in big cities) and Europe. And not everyone who has not found a job for a decent wage at home, ready to survive for a penny. Most often abroad are driving men to provide for his family, because there, for the same work they can get 2 or even 3 times more. And later, and move his family to himself. Students go to European universities to stay there and not come back with “priceless” knowledge of home. All go “for a better life”.

Despite all the shortcomings and difficulties with employment to find a normal job and a good salary here, of course, possible. If you try.

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