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Why state-owned enterprises of Belarus can not become successful

Почему госпредприятия Беларуси не могут стать успешными

State-owned enterprises is difficult to become successful because they are guided by people who consider themselves officials think the officials are so afraid of the initiative and can only do what they are told.

Почему госпредприятия Беларуси не могут стать успешными

Came across an article in the state newspaper, where the Director of the state enterprise asks the editor why he is not considered civil servants. After all, a public company, so I am on the civil service… According to the law, he certainly was not a servant, but is notable for the fact, who considers himself the Director of a commercial enterprise, albeit state. And this is no exception to the rule, but rather the rule.

Recently met with the Deputy Director of the state enterprise in providing housing and communal services in Minsk district. Tried to convince him that the enterprise needs to begin to provide a very popular service, which sold like hot cakes in 30-degree frosts. People don’t just require this service, many years they literally beg for it.

There is a demand, there is a company that can to provide this service, and which for this purpose has all possibilities. Just need a little string up, to do some preparatory work, to spend a bit of money (quite a bit) and start earning. The enterprise is chronically unprofitable, holds only subsidies, and the Directors change almost every year. Nothing helps.

It would seem that that is the way to bring the company out of losses – additional demand for the services. One additional service, certainly will not help. But for sure, if you sit down and think, it would be possible to come up with a few extra services for the population of Minsk district, where the cottages live not poor people who are willing to pay for comfort. For example, cleaning houses is also very popular and rich people pay very generously. Sure, if I were the Director of this state enterprise, then the day would come up with a dozen new, highly profitable services. Maybe not all of them would become profitable, we will admit even, that all will fail. But I would at least try to live without subsidies from the budget, without stretched arms and tears in the ministries about the hard life.

And how our company responded to the clearly articulated demand? The Deputy Director said to me “this is not our competence.” Not within our competence, they say, to resolve this issue. Just so and not otherwise. I would have understood if the head of the company said that it is not their sphere of activities that provide this service unprofitable, it will lead to losses, etc. But the scope is just so, but such competence, they, it appears, no one gave. Moreover, the letter of inhabitants of the Minsk district the company also says that this service is not part of his competence and that, “this decision you can appeal to the housing and communal services of the Minsk area”.

This even purpose you can imagine. Commercial enterprise, albeit state and working in the housing sector, I propose to provide new services in demand, and it says it’s not his expertise and offers to appeal the decision to the parent company. At the same time on the website of the company hanging in the slogan: “the Purpose of our company – offer a wide range of services at a consistently high quality of service.” Where is the a wide range?

In fact it turns out that if the top does not come order to begin to offer a new service, they do not prescribe the appropriate pill authorities-competence, nobody even moves. Initiative – zero. Moreover, the Director clearly from bureaucratic brethren, as the thoughts of those categories, think the officials: not our competence, may appeal. With this approach, you don’t even need to strain to think of something to do payback calculations, to bear some kind of responsibility. Everything is simple and clear, as in any institution, to say above – do it, and do any initiative to show we will not, if something goes wrong, a handful. And for orders from the top bosses and will answer. But the truth is, and Director of parent company same official said. He also would not take the initiative and wait for the orders of higher authorities. And above have a Ministry there with commercial enterprise still more hopeless. There, in accordance with the instructions of more higher authorities, do not think about how to make more money, and how to reduce the cost of utilities. And reduce fact. But who would they even ordered them to think how to make…

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