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Why Stalin would have said thank you WADA

Почему Сталин сказал бы спасибо WADA

Instead of racing for the sport records we need to win where it really matters: the economy, healthcare, education, science.

2019 the year ended for the Russian sports complete embarrassment. The decision to exclude Russia from all major sports, including the Olympic games and world Championships, for a period of four years. And our football clubs (football-on a special account) with a snap shot from the international cups, losing almost all the matches mediocre teams from a European backwater. Apparently, the tearful appeal of the dismissal of the high court will reject, and our football, starting up after the world Cup in 2018, will gradually fall back to the outskirts of…

There are countries that do not pretend to high sporting achievements. For example, India, our partner in BRICS. This country is completely steamed from the fact that she has almost no Olympic Champions. But India more than Russia spends on space. Medicines from India are sold in all Russian pharmacies. And profit from offshore programming in India exceeds export earnings of “Gazprom”. With regard to soft power and national culture, then Indian films have occupied the market of Asia, including former Soviet Central Asian republics.

India is not indifferent to issues of national prestige, otherwise there would not be such a rapid economic growth, but it believes that this prestige is achieved not sporting achievements. Russia somehow thinks that sport is the best indicator of state capacity, and sports victories — the fastest way to raise his ratings and cause the veneration of the competitors. By the way, is not excluded, that the sacred dogma of the Russia sanctions and beat with a whip.

Sport is a excessive place in the system of state priorities of Russia. This is one of the most stable patterns, which has become the legacy of the Soviet era. The confrontation between two world systems in understanding our ideology has spread to all areas of life. In the 1950-1960-ies we had Sputnik, and weightlifter Yuri Vlasov was stronger than invincible Paul Anderson. We built nuclear-powered icebreaker and nuclear power, and Valery Brumel jumped higher than the world record holder John Thomas. We have launched a man into space, and national team athletes performed a miracle, winning the match supermen of USA.

We wrote beautiful stories about Champions. Jumper Brumel in front of a world record spent the morning in the Tretyakov gallery and is particularly long in the hall Shishkin. The first Soviet-era poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who said that poetry learned from football, enthusiastically wrote:

Health dope taking,

The athlete is there

My body to the finish line

To drag in favor of dealers.

And our activities became routine,

Love it everywhere.

Sport is a true companion,

The best helper in the work.

About times, about customs! Today every line in this verse seems to be a caustic satire, and then perceived at face value.

Now is the time of rationalism. Fairy tales do not compose, the rose-colored glasses long ago to the dustbin of history. Everyone understands that sports is a profession where a lot of money. The ideology is still the price, but it must be backed up by financial flows. Soviet athletes even after incredible victories lived modestly. Therefore, after the Restructuring of our Champions, headed by Irina Rodnina and Vyacheslav Fetisov headed West. The state now spends on the sport. Even luring under the Russian tricolor foreign stars. After the collapse of sanctions and the removal from the big competition raises the reasonable question: how much money Russia has spent for nothing? Squandered in the casino, putting the will of the roguish officials on a hallmark card?

According to the Federal budget, sports in Russia is allocated about 70 billion rubles annually. Of them much smaller part goes to the sport about 10 billion. But there are still large companies, which are under the state control — Gazprom, Norilsk Nickel, Rosneft, LUKOIL, VTB and others, they provide the most the costs in team sports, like “Zenith” and “Spartak”. It should be noted that in the West, football, basketball, hockey or baseball, etc. are profitable companies, but otherwise go around the world, in Russia they for many reasons are unprofitable, but are supported again, for reasons of national prestige.

Accounting great sport — the secret behind seven seals. No the chamber and close to the bottom of the barrel didn’t come close, because the objectives are strategic, almost mobilization. Victory at any cost, to awe the sounds of our national anthem. If we mercilessly, regardless of what WADA considers us a magnifying glass, chemical doping, it is difficult to imagine what is happening to cash flows, which are of international officials of the case, in principle, is not, and for our auditors this jurisdiction the article.

According to my estimates, if you integrate budget and commercial costs, on the big sports in the year Russia spends at least 1-1,5 trillion rubles. B is with a GDP of 100 trillion rubles. Every year is a great sport Russia could build 5-6 of the Crimean bridge. Or two of the highway M-11 Moscow — Saint-Petersburg. Or a hundred bridges over the Lena river in Yakutia, which for many years is not money. Let me remind you, Federal health care costs amount to 500 billion rubles, the consolidated -3,6 trillion.

After the appeal of Russia will be rejected, will rise a mighty chorus of patriots with cabbage beard and villas on the beautiful European lakes, spewing curses against Russophobia. But it’s too late to tear his vest. There was no need of much vanity to invert the pyramid of national priorities and to choose the secondary target, simply because they look impressive and are achieved easier. We should thank the IOC and WADA. And to impose some kind of penance. Until you treat the elderly, will not have all of the orphans, will not fly to the moon, as promised by our leaders have in the Olympics are not involved.

We nostalgically recall Stalin industrialization. But then, the Soviet Union stayed out of world sport. And we are not distracted by trifles. But won where really it matters. Health, education, science, social guarantees. And, above all, an economy that grew in the Soviet Union without Deng Xiaoping.

And sports are ersatz victory, imitation of success, wolf hollow and fake. But now we have the law for fake punished. Fake or need a reward?

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