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Why should you install the game “Secrets of the investigation”, created on motives of the popular series

Last week, the media holding VGTRK has released a free mobile game based on the popular series “Secrets of investigation”, which is broadcast TV channel “Russia 1” for more than fifteen years. Across the country, the audience froze in anticipation of the 16th season of “the immortal” of the project and look forward to new stories from the life of a senior investigator Maria Shevtsova, whose role takes honored artist of Russia Anna Kovalchuk.

Why should you install the game “Secrets of the investigation”, created on motives of the popular series

Mobile game now available for iOS and Android is a logic puzzle. The player’s task – together with the characters of the series to unravel complex cases and catch criminals. Mobile “Secrecy of the investigation” allow you to transform into a detective and, accordingly, contain the most fascinating elements of his work: the questioning of witnesses, preparation of sketches, examination. The editors tested the new gaming Department of the largest media holding of the country and willing to share your experiences and tell why cost to install puzzle on your smartphone right now.

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1. A challenging strategy game with simple mehanikov some extent the rules of the game reminiscent of checkers: the player’s task successively to place chips of different types, occur randomly in the order on the playing field. The combination of three identical tiles allows to obtain a chip of a higher class. For example, three pieces of “evidence” form the “witness”, three “witnesses” gather “the Prosecutor”, etc. Collecting combinations of chips and avoiding obstacles in the form of chips opponents, the user receives points, the accumulation of which is the main goal of the game.

2. The atmosphere of a real detective rassledovaniya decorated in the style of the series by using key characters and is filled with tips with the use of professional terms. In the present investigation.

3. Helps to Wake up in the morning and occupy yourself on the way to work…
Yes, we are not sealed. “Secrets of the investigation” — an ideal game for travelling in public transport. Puzzle allows you to “stir the brain”, to adjust the concentration and logical thinking. Most importantly, do not get involved in the game enough to miss your stop.

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4. … or to pass the time and distract from the problems of”Secrecy of the investigation” is really amusing. Can you not be a fan of the series, but the simplicity of the mechanics, style and a great choice of game tactics and bribe. And no stress to resolve difficult situations within the game the developers have provided a help from “FSB Agent” in case of an error (once in a hundred moves the agent moves a figure to the desired location), as well as challenge chips-helpers, which can be purchased on accumulated points, and thanks to the “built-in purchases” for real money.

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