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Why Russians do not want to sort waste?

Почему россияне не хотят сортировать мусор?

Most or considers the separate collection of waste useless initiative, or waiting for the pointing finger “on top”. Is this a dead end?

72% of Russians against waste sorting. Such data in the course of a survey conducted this fall, received one of the intelligence agencies of real estate.

Meanwhile, garbage reform is marching across the country, and the transition to “green” rails is inevitable. But does it make sense to segregate waste, while in Russia has not developed a full-fledged processing industry and there are no clear directives from the top? Or is it necessary to believe in the philosophy of small things and start with yourself?

Why is it so difficult to get people to segregate waste, to understand “Rosbalt”.

“The whole life lived, not grading — and as many more will live!”

In a survey of 90 thousand people revealed that only 23% of respondents supported the initiative with waste separation. Among residents of cities the idea of waste sorting the most popular in Kazan (39,1%), and least of all in Volgograd (14.8 per cent). In Moscow the share of supporters of the eco-friendly approach to 29.4%. A “green” St. Petersburg was only 20.2 per cent.

Most popular excuses: it is too difficult, there is no strength and desire to understand the intricacies of sorting, there are no separate containers near the house, nowhere to store, not enough time or no car to take waste to the destination. And “the icing on the cake” — “the whole life lived, not grading — and as many more will live!”.

The role played by specificity of object to which the reform should “make friends”: the garbage — not the most pleasant attribute of our lives, and he wants to get rid of.

“The more age, the indifferent attitude towards “green” initiatives is the General trend. Of course, there are exceptions, but ambassadors garbage reforms in any case will be the youth. According to opinion polls shows that people under thirty years do not feel skepticism and can convince the older generation to behave in new ways,” he said at the St. Petersburg international youth forum Viacheslav Dukhin, Deputy Director of the information policy of the eco-oriented public-law company.

According to him, the best way to engage in kotusenko friends and relatives is to inspire by example: gradually imbued even the most incredulous. The coordinator of the movement “Separate collection” Tatyana Orlovskaya Agatston such an approach does not agree:

“Age is not important: there are young people who do not believe in the sort and do not want to take responsibility for their garbage. As for the older generation, they lived during the Soviet era, when there were no disposable packaging and all regularly donate bottles and waste paper”.

Believe it or not?

Often sort you do not want simply because there is no assurance that separated the garbage will be off. We all remember the confusion with the container on one of the Petersburg streets: despite Windows for different waste fractions, partitions the inside was not.

However, the distrust arises not only from Russians, but also residents of other countries. So, a wide resonance in the social networks has caused videos with huge piles of garbage, trapped in Malaysia after China closed its borders for the importation of recyclable materials from other States.

“Before China collected waste fractions from around the world and engaged in processing. The cessation of this practice provoked a real revolution in the world — in Europe, is now banned disposable plastic, says Nagorskaya. — However, the waste that was previously transported to China, were in other States that are not too happy about this — Malaysia, African countries”.

It is obvious that the desire to sort out the garbage disappears when one thought of thee carefully separated recyclables in the end will poison the life and air in some Malaysian village…

In Russia the situation is different, but one thing is certain: the chain of waste recycling need to be made more transparent — so that people sorting garbage, a clear idea of what was happening to him, and was sure that the work is not in vain.

Vyacheslav Dukhin proposes to create a mobile app or a convenient online resource that illustrates the fate of the waste at different stages.

As for the trust — a great help for economicaly will be an interactive online map on which the volunteers brought all the points of garbage collection in 74 cities of Russia. The company, which has installed containers of “green” verification successfully completed.

Maybe to wait for the regulations from “above?”

A forward pointing finger “from above”: a clear requirement for States to separate their garbage into different fractions. Environmental activists are in such a skeptical approach.

“Wait until we have a centralized system of sorting does not make sense — and after 10 years it is possible not to wait — sure Nagorskaya. — Separate collection is the only solution to the problem of garbage, but it is not fixed, we have as required. So the rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning.”

According to ecoactivist, in Russia there are processing plants, but often they simply “have nothing to feed”. No level of separate collection, recyclable materials are harvested too little time to download the available capacity. Many firms-manufacturers in St. Petersburg put their drives, and literally fighting for waste — about 30 companies in implementing separate collection on their own.

Sorting is a delicate matter

Sadly, while the Russians have no single resource that tells about how to sort the garbage, what is happening with each faction and then what happens at the output. And often people are just too lazy to Google and look for the optimal sorting options.

In Germany, for example, the division system is very intricate: waste is separated into paper, plastic, textiles, electric appliances. Food debris is sorted into two types — bio-waste (potato, egg shells, etc.) and “residual waste” (like the bones of a roast chicken or salad, seasoned with vinegar). But should not be afraid: it is not necessary to shift the German system on the Russian realities — it is obvious that you should start with simple things. For example, to accustom ourselves to carry batteries in special points of reception, to donate old clothes to the stores that accept textiles for recycling, to separate plastic and paper.

“There are dozens of types of sorting. But it is necessary to listen to the demands of suppliers whose containers are nearby — all have different recyclables, we all have different capacities. Look around in your neighborhood: if on the next tank and write “bottle”, you don’t put a jar from under yogurt”, explains Nagorskaya.

By the way, many alluvial now purchase home vermicomposter containers of worms, which for a sweet soul eat the Apple cores, parings of vegetables, husks of sunflower seeds, and even coffee grounds. The only thing that is not necessary to feed them is meat and fish waste. Everything else without the noise and smell the worms will turn into vermicompost, which can be used to fertilize house plants or the lawn in the backyard.

Sorting in the kitchen

The separation of rubbish, of course, affect the size of the apartment and the size of the kitchen. But there are life hacks and for miniature blocks. Bulk package of juice or a waffle cake can be flattened. If you can’t take out the recyclables every month on shares, or in points of reception, you can store packages of waste on the balcony.

“I organize, sort itself is not, shares his expertise on eco-activist Elizabeth Soprunenko. — Of course, you can buy special bins to separate the garbage, but on my balcony in one large bag contains three packages with different waste. And when you hand over the trash, at the same time get rid of them.”

According to the girl, near her home there are containers for plastic 1PET (plastic bottle), 2 HDPE (bottle caps), old clothes, and bulbs of thermometers. But the containers with paper and glass are pretty far away. Everything else I have to take once a month during the action “Separate collection”: soft and hard plastic, tin, Tetrapak.

“I share since 2002 — after a year of internships in the United States — says project coordinator of the movement “Eka” Yulia Burdo. — Then in Moscow there was only one point, and he was taking recyclables on an industrial scale. Now there are a lot of containers. By the way, I don’t always agree with the garbage at home — sometimes taking an all in one package and right there laid out. And yet — when you start to sort the garbage more conscious attitude to shopping. I go to the stores where you can buy cereals, fruits and vegetables in bulk — gaining their their ecomerce. And my bag has served me for ten years”.

So the easiest and the most difficult solution to the problem with waste is to reduce consumption and make it more conscious. How to buy only what you really need? So whether you need the product, wrapped in several layers of paper and plastic?

All these acute issues in the modern consumer society today stand up in front of everyone. And maybe that’s the philosophy of separate collection will be able to reverse the situation with the overproduction, the over-consumption and littering of our planet.

Angela Novoseltseva

“Rosbalt” presents the project “trash — be honest!”, reminding that the problem of proper disposal of waste concerns all of us, and everyone can contribute to its solution. And what kind of answers we find today will impact our quality of life tomorrow.

The project is realized on the grant of Saint-Petersburg.

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