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Why retirees can’t sell their apartments

Почему пенсионеры не смогут продавать свои квартиры

In the legislature of the Russian Federation is already preparing a new unexpected law, which States that pensioners will no longer be able to dispose of their apartments and houses. In addition, the planned increase in the retirement age, and considers the idea to get rid of the pension Fund. Of course, the pensioners against the law to deprive them of the opportunity to have the full right to their living space, because it is a violation of their personal rights as citizens of Russia. And in fact, have their own apartment and do not have the right to dispose of it – a strange decision of the authorities, became big news for the elderly.

On the idea of this law will apply to people over the age of seventy years. It prohibits pensioners to sell, trade or rent your living space. In addition, it will be forbidden to change a will and write the deed to his apartment. The authorities claim that these measures are taken in order to limit fraud on the elderly in the transactions to the apartment. For the law serves a lot of deputies who believe that seniors in this age already can not properly assess what is happening and become a victim of fraud. As experience has shown, often, the people taking care of the seniors can deception to convince him to write a will, and then simply to drive home, leaving without shelter, and sometimes such actions stem from the relative of an elderly person. Seniors are more gullible people and cheat them is much easier than younger people who are better versed in the modern world. To control this law will implement a special service that will begin its work as soon as the law enters into force. They will carefully examine the trustworthiness of future buyer, as well as to assess the mental state of an elderly man who decided to sell his apartment, it’s the best way to secure such a deal to ensure that the pensioner does not remain on the street, and the buyer is not a deceiver.

The majority of Russian citizens opposed such advances, particularly pensioners, who argue that the need to pass examination for mental health if you wish to sell your flat is humiliating. So while the law is in question, although the probability that it will enter into force very large.


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