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Why Putin plays in Groundhog day?

Зачем Путин играет в день сурка?

Now, if the man was bitten by a dog, it would be news. And when a dog bites a man — what is special? Now, if the constitutional court has not approved the zero, then we would now discussed the courage and integrity of judges, their commitment to law and respect for the Constitution. And so — well what can I say? To appeal to the conscience? Shame? We understand that if you want the judges find in the Constitution even what it does not. You taking the new Basic law, but only subject to some amendments, to say that our life begins anew, from scratch. Here again the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, and I remembered almost forgotten remark of Putin’s one of those times. Vladimir asked, what about the international treaties to which Russia promised to recognize and respect the existing borders of Ukraine? After all, we put the signature, before the whole world the word given!

And Putin does not blink nor one of its eye, said that he had consulted with lawyers and those told him that after the Maidan, the overthrow of Yanukovych and all this, Ukraine would have formed another state and any obligations we have, therefore, as not. So logic reset tested not today. The game in Groundhog day when the main character can be the main as anything successful is that year. The point of this game is to smeared in mud and filth were all the participants.

It would be easier and more honest if Putin came out and said that he is the smartest around here, without it we all perish, so for all our sakes it stays with us forever. But he did anyway. He made to turn into clowns first four hundred members who like circus animals for the sugars first, so voted, then commercials for the click handler, there is a lot not being ashamed of shame. Then the same humiliation passed the chain of the Federation Council, the regional legislative Assembly. Every single bite drank from this Cup. Every one showed himself, nothing decisive characters, instead of which it was possible just to stick on chair pictures. In the era of coronavirus so it would be even more hygienic. Now just came the turn of the constitutional court.

And the court has shown itself to be senseless and useless — what he required. It remains only to citizens not to disappoint and show that they are here too depends nothing. It turns out that the only force that can stop the plans of Putin — a coronavirus. And for us it is diagnosed.

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