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Why not disperse the protests in Khabarovsk

Почему не разгоняют протесты в Хабаровске

Although this order is given, and, most importantly, in the city and its surrounding area has a lot of asguardian and other seconded krivokoneva. The answer, at first glance, is obvious: the high dynamics of the protests. Technically not so easy to disperse 50-60 thousand people.

But even more dangerous immediate and long-term effects of such acceleration. How people will react to the guards Zolotov, famously wielding batons, apparently. Immediately appear pockets of resistance. Well, then it could be worse. As they say in certain circles: “fly otvetochka”. And the fear of it blocking the execution of the order of the President.

In the Khabarovsk territory, in addition to enthusiasm and perseverance themselves Khabarovsk, were two further important limiting factor. The local criminals and the military. “Rogue element” refused political power, or coaxing him to take part in the neutralization of the protests, in particular through the organization of provocations and beatings of activists. In this case, the criminal circles identificeret themselves with the interests of the residents of the region and do not wish to appear in the Khabarovsk Moscow Vikings.

It is equally important that is actually similar to the position taken by military stationed in the region. They refused the offer of krivokoneva to participate in the neutralization of the political crisis. According to eyewitnesses, during the negotiations, the army did not even shake hands with asguardian.

So events in the Khabarovsk region could be a rehearsal for the upcoming time of national crisis: the helplessness of the police and Regardie before the masses of the people and the neutrality of the army.


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