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Why new Apple MacBook Pro so little RAM?

New Apple MacBook Pro is good all around — they are modern, beautiful and powerful. They are available new Intel Core processors of the sixth generation, and models for discrete graphics cards, plus their equipment includes high-quality SSD. But the RAM they have very little for the professional mobile PC, and Apple has bothered to explain why this is so.

Recall that in the Apple MacBook Pro supports up to 16 GB of RAM. Of course, the true reason no one did not disclose. Apple employees said that limiting the amount of RAM in the new MacBook Pro is associated with the desire to preserve the autonomy of the laptops at the proper level, and 32 GB of RAM would not allow to do it. Sounds like something is very doubtful, because if laptops worked 10 hours on battery as of now, and 9 or 8, but would have a higher performance, one would not say a word.

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In the end, hiding behind supposed concern about customers (Apple has never been famous for these), manufacturer nicely avoided a direct answer to the question. Total, new Apple MacBook Pro received the same amount of memory as can be installed in a more accessible competing models from other brands. We will add that very soon the laptops will go on sale in Russia, and the price will exceed 140,000 rubles for the minimum configuration.

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