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Why meal is better to start with dessert

Почему прием пищи лучше начинать с десертаSo the brain feels much faster feeling of fullness.

Every meal should start with a small serving of dessert, say scientists, so the brain feels much faster feeling of fullness.

Specialists associated with the activity of the enzyme – glucokinase, which plays an important role in the formation of feelings of satiety. This element responds to the amount of glucose that you consume.

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Under the condition of lack it a certain amount, the brain sends signals about the lack of food eaten, and will require more sweet food and starch.

Scientists have studied the features of the above-mentioned enzyme on laboratory rodents. According to experts, sweet is the rate of glucokinase in the body is greatly exceeded, meaning the help of intervention specialists.

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For those who want to maintain their figure, the researchers suggest before a meal to eat “fast carbs”, when it can be not only a piece of cake, and bread and rice and even pasta.

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