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Why is the regime received bad news

Почему от режима поступают только плохие новости

Senior management decided that it is not enough to run the country. And began to gush forth ideas and solutions, leading the audience in shock.

Dmitry Peskov made something like oral rubric “Putin did not forbid”. It turned out that the President was not going to close the Russian-speaking “Wikipedia” and even “did not speak in favour of toughening of responsibility for medical mistakes”. I am looking forward to continuing to see what other statements by the head of our country-wishers “out of context”.

Not sure peskovskoe gestures calm stunned the audience. People speculated — why should a rockfall? Stream some new perverted inhibitions. No less perverted criminal cases. And in General, a month on top of any good news. Only bad.

To check, if I am not mistaken, opened the news feed. See the title: “first aid has become a leader in the reduction of doctors.” No, not wrong.

However, it will cut off the emotions and leave the facts.

So, the higher authorities have heeded people’s polls, where participants complained that the regime was too fond of foreign things, having thrown home. And went towards the citizens — the clock began to rule the state. With the purpose to make people angry? On the contrary. To solve their difficulties, as they are seen from above. Using, of course, the tools that we have.

And what is the system, headed by Vladimir Putin? She is unique by today’s global standards of control and consumer bodies. This is not some “siloviki”. This tycoons-billionaires, which belongs to the Treasury. And host Supervisory agencies and supervisors. And former liberals and technocrats in charge of economy and Finance and know how to save people. And judges. And small and medium officialdom. There’s like a submarine — there are everything for living in complete isolation. Up to their own intellectuals, propagandists, and swindlers-“experts”, without which gexperts not to start any demonstration process.

They’re not in harmony with each other, and often in harsh hostility. But all these disjointed people have in common is that they consume and not produce. This is the first. And, secondly, that they do not bear any liability to tax-paying classes who feed them.

Immunity from accusations and even more from charges on the bottom works wonders. That is why the “experts” and investigators checking the old morality Mikhail Svetov, do not have to answer questions about her chastity.

The organizers and inspirers of raider RAID on the LPI and the housing search of its Director does not answer neither for moral and material damage, nor for the public humiliation of Russian science.

Defense Ministry sees no reason to repent for killing eight ordinary workers in response to the exposing of the publication takes the tone in which diplomats lavrovskaya school brand of foreign intrigues: “a Common one of the telegram channels of information… is an absolute lie. The purpose of stuffing information — the next attempt to influence the course of the investigation…”

But the writers of the draft law on compulsory predetermination on computers of their own not face the slightest service damages if as a result, Russian buyers will remain without iPhones.

As to the thrust to consumerism, it is truly their main instinct. Therefore, any hemerobiidae should be adapted to ensure that a noble could have something to grab. The leader collects, say, a meeting on the Russian language. He told them about the “cave Russophobia”, and they — him that gave the money. And both sides are happy with each other. What came from behind the closed door, beyond which the Council would discuss how to slightly improve health care for the purpose? Heard rumblings of a money scandal. Federal authorities blamed the governors for the fact that transfers are flying in a bottomless pit, and the governors demanded more and more.

And as always. Soviet writer complained once that he was not allowed to write: “it was bad weather.” Explained: because the weather was good for cotton. So we have now. Bad news for the commoner is always good news for someone as privileged. Who is to pay the “Spring package”, and to whom, and to pull fresh money. A conventional Spring — easy to pursue a career.

From here two conclusions.

First. No need to wonder of the absurdity and cynicism of the current repressive policies, or, say, the next bans of anything. It’s their norm, not the deviation. Punishment and prejudice is the only products that can produce closed on themselves guardians, supervisors and overseers. Sometimes under pressure from below, they are slightly back. But never consider it normal. The waiver of any sentence, the abolition of any restriction, any narrow space of their life, reduce power.

And the second conclusion. When the boss is taken to improve the lives of the people — his teaching, treatment, pensions or, for example, safety — commoner, it should be assumed to proceed from the fact that this story is not about him. It is either about some money that will go higher, or about the expansion of the front work to set over them overseers and guardians.

Therefore, the more active senior management and personally the leader, the more they have ideas and, especially, of the acts, the more bad news for subjects. No wonder contraption an individual retirement plan, quite a ridiculous, almost all the commentators, and I include myself in, literally praised just for the fact that it benefits citizens are allowed to evade.

As long as ordinary people do not learn how to dictate the system, the most harmless method of its existence — not to invent things, not to make any news.

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