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Why is Russia so quickly fell out of love with Putin?

Почему Россия так быстро разлюбила Путина?

Each of the readers probably saw in the circle this metamorphosis in relation to Putin. Who earlier pulled a t-shirt with his face, ready to tear apart any opponent idol, in just a month or two suddenly turned into his complete opposite. T-shirt with image of Putin has become a doormat, his portrait surrounded by submariners (or, for the aesthetes – galloping on a horse without a shirt) is removed from the wall and tucked in the far corner…

All the achievements of the Putin era, including the Crimea, if the person does not swear in the open, it is not mentioned at all – instead preferring to count the billions in the accounts of classmates and friends of the main newsmaker of the Kremlin.

Politicians and journalists amazed, watching these changes in the public consciousness. But sensible explanation find they can’t. Someone laments the forgetfulness of the crowd, someone on the transience of fame in General, someone on the ephemeral nature of themselves the achievements of the national leader. Sometimes compare Putin with leaders of the past, the same Stalin whose authority was powerless to shake the revelations about the purges, the Gulag, about his carelessness in the beginning of the war.

Say: this is all about pension reform. But its not even close to compare with the same world – but a terrible war, in which Stalin was somehow the answer, not to collapse his approval rating, by contrast, rallied around him the people…

Personally, I think the answer should be sought in the field of common human psychology. And then everything falls into place. Whom we can love or hate instantly? Someone you do not know. You point to a random person on the street, call him a scoundrel – and you without hesitation to accept this view (if the source is at least a little authoritative). And also dramatically change the on the opposite, obtaining other information.

But what if we are talking about your friend or relative who is well known to you? Need really a crushing argument to make you change opinion about it – and then there will be doubt.

This is also the case with Putin and Stalin. Stalin in his time was everywhere – he is the organizer of five years, which the country lived, the founder of the Soviet industry, Marshal of the Victory, the mastermind of the world Communist movement. He was present in the life of every working – as a co-author of a production plan in the life of every teacher, doctor, as head of Soviet science, the military as commander in chief.

Stalin on the ground personifitsirovano hundreds of thousands, and then millions of party members, who stood at the head of all spheres of life of the Soviet people. Hate Stalin meant to curse Stalinist construction, the Stalinist art, Stalin’s feats of labor, Stalin’s military victories. In short, to reject the whole country, to be, in fact, an outcast in their own country.

With Putin, the situation is different. We are much more aware of his family ties, friends, habits and taste preferences. However, all this is the outer layer that does not have anything to do with the essential, what really matters in ruler for residents controlled the country.

Unlike Stalin, Putin is not the mastermind of our achievements, not a military leader and a wise leader, leading the country to prosperity, but rather on television, like Kirkorov and Baskov. Here he dives for an amphora, that flies with the Siberian crane, that is immersed in a submarine – but it is only elements of the show that has no real life in any way.

This difference in mentality between the two systems – the Soviet and capitalist. If in Soviet times people were actively involved in the work of the country, has been a driving part of the progress, feel part of a single organism, today the situation is different. From the outset, Putin preferred to discharge the society from all basic decisions. You say sit tight, and we are here with the people work things out and decide what is best for you.

I understand why all this walking shoulder to shoulder with the people of the elite not so comfortable would be to aristocratic way of life, to have luxury villas, yachts, servants, fashionable mongrels and mistresses. But that suspension was the reason that Putin associates were left alone, deprived of real, not television love, devotion, respect.

Television emotions, alas, a lightweight. And, as you can see, the hatred of the head of state is replaced by love at the same rate, which between ad breaks then Marianne falls in love with don Juan, then curses him with the names of all the Mexican gods..

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