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Why in Russia drink?

Почему в России пьют?

The fascination with alcohol is part of the stereotype of “Russian”, but reports show that our compatriots can’t give up the addiction.

Another ranking showed that the Russians continue to excessively consume alcoholic beverages, particularly those different from the inhabitants of the Northern cold regions, and the Middle band. Poverty and boredom are important factors, but not the only one. There are a range of reasons, experts say.

Fedot Tumusov, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection, doctor of economic Sciences:

“If we talk about the objective tendencies, that in our country there is a decline in the consumption of alcohol by the population. Once we have a year drank 18 liters of alcohol per capita, this figure dropped to 13 liters. Nevertheless, if we take the subjects of the Federation, there is a significant big difference: it will turn out that in the Northern territory consume more alcohol than in the South. This is due, I believe, by two main factors. The first is that in the North they drink strong alcohol drinks, vodka, and in the South drink more wine, and alcoholic expression is obtained less. There is a second factor, which, however, is statistically difficult to prove: in the South make more moonshine, which is not taken into account. In the North the production of moonshine is not a tradition. There are other factors associated with population size structure of the population.

As any evil that for centuries had taken root, in one fell swoop will not solve the problem. But, in my opinion, awareness-raising and advocacy about the dangers of alcohol today is extremely weak. When permitted alcohol advertising on television, there was advertising everything from beer, to strong drinks. The advertising was powerful, the sellers of alcohol have invested money in it. And today we see the opposite anti-advertising alcohol? I have not seen such outreach.

Of course, when commercial entities make a decision about advertising a particular product, they are interested in the growth of sales, and they are easier and faster to make decisions. And in government structures to make decisions much more difficult, although in the national health programme provided funds for outreach, advertising against alcohol and Smoking.

All this, however, zatragivaet the interests of sellers of alcoholic beverages. If I say that they do not affect the situation, it will not be true. They actively influence. But if I say that they are very influenced by — this is unsubstantiated assertion. We have no law on lobbying and see how the lobbying is transparent or opaque, and impossible. However, we have transparent mechanisms of lobbying is not, as in other countries.”

Alexander Stepanov, member of the Board of the Union of the Karelian people:

“According to my observations, in the North, indeed, drink more than in the southern regions. But, I think we have seen more drunkenness: drink mostly store-bought alcoholic beverages, and the brewing is less common than elsewhere in the Kuban. Home consumption is still not as noticeable.

A terrible surge of drunkenness occurred in the “nineties” and early “two-thousand” years. In Soviet times, people in the village of disciplined work: want or not, but you have to go to work in the farm or forestry. Then businesses began to close, and people began to live the part. And if a man remained in the village without work and can not leave, what’s he going to do? He will drink it. The closure of the farm meant the appearance of the cemetery fresh graves. A lot of people died of halcogenide. I have the feeling that a whole layer of the population — those who were inclined to drink, died. In the village it has become the most severe.

Among the Finno-Ugric population, including Karelian, binge drinking is even more aggravated the problem. Saying that we have special genes. Drunkenness affected the Karelians, Veps and other indigenous people. In Soviet times the number of Karelians was slightly decreased due to assimilation. And then sharply increased mortality among the male working population. If in 1989 in the Republic of Karelia were Karelians 79 thousand, now there are just over 40 thousand.

Now those same social reasons for drinking are preserved only in softened forms. Even in the villages of the male working population is not much, and the youth there were opportunities to go to work in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Moscow. But those who remained, of course, continue to drink”.

Bair Tsyrenov, Deputy of the National Khural of Buryatia:

“The obvious problem of alcoholism in the regions caused by socio-economic status. So, Buryatia was once a region with developed agriculture. In the current state of agriculture is a pitiful sight, the lack of jobs. People are leaving rural areas, and many of those who remain, drink too much.

In General, if you look worldwide, we see that where worse socio-economic situation out there and drink more.
There are some public organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle, and I quite approve of their activities. But this activity will not solve the task because they all look quite the socio-economic problems. Only after solving them reviving the economy, creating jobs, especially in rural areas — will be able to solve the problem of alcoholization of the population.

However, you should pay attention to another point. In the regional budget of the Republic of Buryatia in the coming years it is expected to even increase in revenues from excise taxes on alcohol. In Russia the law is designed so that the implementation of alcohol best. The more people drink vodka and beer, the more the budget will receive revenues. As if the government encourages the regions to drink more alcohol. Of course, this situation is not aimed at improving the situation with alcoholism in the population.”

Ramil Garifullin, the candidate of psychological Sciences, associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU:

“The problem of alcoholism is not a problem to drink because drinking many, but not all become alcoholics. This is a problem of alcoholism — when people begin to suffer, to hurt, there is a dependence, they suffer alcohol withdrawal symptoms or blackouts. I believe that in 90% of cases of deaths of men in Russia, when it is written that they died from “heart failure”, still need to add to the drunkenness.

There are complex reasons leading to the problem of alcoholism and they all together combine to give the effect.

We even culture “the phenomenon of vodka”: and philosophers write about it, and in the film he is present when the characters drink and smoke, which gives alcoholics opportunity for self-justification.

I must admit that there is a percentage of people whose degradation is faster than the other. Some begin to hurt, to suffer from alcoholism faster and others slower. There are nation — Siberia, the far East, who have a very weak concentration of the enzyme that processes alcohol. So they drink too much a lot faster. This means that local alcohol, there is also biological, physiological factor.

There is another socio-psychological factor — when there is absolutely no culture of relaxation and stress relief. People are incompetent in terms of finding ways to relieve mental problems with a non-alcoholic, non-psychoactive substances. Not developed a culture of stress, depression with nealkogolny ways, and there is a setting on the receipt of passive pleasures. This reckless mentality to get joy directly: drank — and well. But receiving the joy of overcoming, of joy as a reward, not developed.
Let us also remember the pressure the alcohol industry, which must sell the produced alcohol. This source of revenues. When Russia’s deteriorating economic situation, then immediately forget about the prevention of alcoholism, as it is necessary to sell alcohol to fill the budget. But as soon as the economic situation improves — immediately begin to deal with alcoholism, because we understand that it the damage becomes even greater.

Should still assess the damage, which is responsible officials — alcoholics. The same Boris Yeltsin who was an alcoholic, in fact, ditched Russia due to their problem. If he were sober, maybe it was the country differently. Alcoholic emotionally-strong-willed degradation of high-ranking officials has become a serious problem, because responsible people are alcoholics, and it is a problem of national security of Russia”.

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