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Why in Africa, many of the Soviet machines

Почему в Африке много советских машинThe capital of Ethiopia – Addis Ababa is the only city in the world, in which all city taxi – the old Soviet “penny” VAZ-2101.

No matter what this model was discontinued in 1988.

Here they maintained so far, though, basically, and look in literally a bucket of bolts. In addition to the “Cents” sometimes there are VAZ-2102, 2104, and 2105, but not as often.

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Many of these cars were re-exported many years ago from Holland. Part of the Soviet machines appeared in Addis Ababa and other by – direct deliveries from the USSR as technical assistance in the late 70-ies.

Taxi in Addis Ababa has two colors – yellow (tourist taxi) and blue with a white roof (a cab). Yellow, as a rule, the more modern machines, there are even 15-year-old, but blue – our ancient “penny”.

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