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Why hand washing can save lives

Почему мытье рук может спасти жизньA new study has shown that thorough hand washing with soap is the most effective and cheapest way to prevent… death.


We are talking about infections, particularly children. In South Africa, infectious diseases, e.g. pneumonia or enterovirus infection – cause 30% of child deaths. In South Africa, where access to water is often limited, especially in rural areas, decided to celebrate world day of washing hands.

Experts from South Africa have developed a unique carrying case for water, which aims to facilitate hand washing. Carrying water has a valve to prevent loss of water, and also clean the bag with soap and water for fast and effective cleaning. Convenient hook in the top of the bag allows you to easily attach it to a tree, fence or wall.

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“We know that most infections can be prevented by cleaning hands at the right time and in the right direction” – experts explain. They plan to distribute mobile washing bag in the schools of the country.

“In South Africa millions of people do not have access to clean water and mortality from infections remains at least 4 times higher among the poor. The training programme around our new lasts, because we know she can play a huge role in reducing morbidity and improving the lives of thousands of South Africans” – say the developers of the bags.

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